Five Moscow embankments to be renovated by the end of autumn

June 7
Municipal services

Renovation of five Moscow embankments will have been carried out until mid-November. “It is planned to renew the seams of granite cladding,” Pyotr Biryukov, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities and Landscaping, said.

“Currently, repair works are underway on the Berezhkovskaya Embankment and the Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment, and shortly we will start works on the Luzhnetskaya Embankment,” Pyotr Biryukov noted. “The Prechistenskaya and Kremlin Embankments are also on the short-list this year. In total, we will repair more than 240 thousand linear meters of seams.”

According to Moscow Deputy Mayor, cladding on embankments is pointed every five years. “Such repairs are necessary to prolong the service life of structures, because over time seams chop, most often due to upspringing grass,” Pyotr Biryukov said. “Surface destruction may lead to displacement of granite slabs and even their fallout.”

The repair of the embankments begins with sandblasting the stone surface, then workers proceed to pointing the seams between the slabs. The seams are cleaned out of the old filler, washed, and then grouted with polymer modified mortar and rubbed down with a waterproof material.

“City dwellers most likely will not notice these works, because such municipal improvement does not require any closing off the work site,” the Deputy Mayor added. “Scaffolds are installed on the water front and moved from site to site.”

Also, in 2021 a comprehensive improvement of several Moscow embankments is underway. Renovation works of Balchug Island are carried out: the Sofiyskaya, Raushskaya, Sadovnicheskaya and Kosmodamianskaya Embankments, as well as adjacent Sadovnicheskaya streets, Komissariatsky, Faleevsky and Raushsky lanes are being restored. In total 32 embankments have been improved over the past decade. Thanks to such efforts a unified pedestrian route of 19 kilometers spreading from the Moscow City Business Center to Taganskaya Square has been mapped in the historical part of the city.


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