First plant panel goes up at the Moscow Central Circle’s Kutuzovskaya station

July 20

The first plant panel has appeared at Kutuzovskaya station of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). The panel is a three-by-eight-metre display of the Russian letters МЦК (which stand for Moscow Central Circle) made out of stabilised moss. It was installed as part of a pilot project intended to make MCC stations cosier. If the passengers like the experiment, then such greenery panels will go up in other stations with ample vacant space on the walls.

“We are very glad that our pilot project aimed to create a cosy interior at MCC stations was launched today. The plant panel at Kutuzovskaya station is the first but important step in this direction. We decided to use stabilised moss for the panel since it does not require watering, does not rely on temperature and light and is natural and eco-friendly, which is no less important. Hopefully, our initiative will meet with a favourable response from passengers, and we will be able to bring it to other MCC stations,” said Yulia Temnikova, Deputy Head of Customer Services and Passenger Relations for the Moscow Metro.

MCC passenger infrastructure is constantly and systematically improving. Early this year, MCC got green seats for people with limited mobility, pregnant women and passengers with children. Now it also has quiet carriages for those who want to travel with minimal noise. Passengers of the Moscow metro and MCC came up with most of these changes.


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