First alpaca cria born at VDNKh's City Farm

October 16, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

The first alpaca cria was born at the City Farm located in the Handicrafts Park at VDNKh. The long-awaited addition happened late in September, with a curly female alpaca born. With their thick fleece, they are considered distant relatives of camels due to the shape of their hooves, but alpacas do not have humps.

The cria weighs about 5 kg. She diets on her mother's milk, but already tries hay, willow branches and grass. You can see the baby alpaca at the City Farm in the afternoon, when the whole family goes out for a walk around the enclosure.

'For us, the birth of an alpaca is a long-awaited event. The cria's parents, Pedro and Вosya, were brought to VDNKh in 2016. However, the couple did not have offspring until now. The cria is strong and healthy. She has inherited her mother's docile nature, and her father's thick dark brown curly fleece. Now we have to choose the name for her, and we count on the help of the citizens,' told the Press Service of VDNKh.

The Press Service added that users will be able to propose their names on the official VDNKh's Instagram and Facebook accounts and in VKontakte 10 to 18 October. The name should be sonorous and short. The organisers will have to choose the most unusual and beautiful name. The winner will receive a RUB 1,500 certificate for a free visit to the City Farm as a family or a group of four people (one ticket costs RUB 350.00). Admission is free for children under 3.

The alpaca is a domesticated species of vicuna, a South American camel relative. It is believed that the Indians of Peru began breeding alpaca about 6,000 years ago. In the Andes, they breed alpaca now on special farms for their warm and light wool. The colour has some 20 shades, varying from white, traditional beige or silver, to brown and even black. Now hunting these animals is officially prohibited. Sustainable population of this species is preserved in zoos around the world. Moscow Zoo takes part in the European vicuna breeding programme.

VDNKh City Farm is a family educational centre. You may watch here ungulates, raccoons, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits, zebu cows and goats all year round in all weather. You are also welcome to visit the greenhouse, attend a pottery master class or make hay toys. The City Farm is open daily except Monday: 10:30 am till 06:30 pm on weekdays, 10:30 am till 07:30 pm on weekends and holidays.


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