Film demonstrations and meetings with producers: Art Football 2019 international festival comes up with a film program

June 9

Within the framework of the Art Football international festival, in addition to a football tournament, a series of films will be demonstrated. The films will be presented by actors and producers from different countries. The meetings will take place in parallel with matches at the ZIL Cultural Centre.

On 9 June, the Kyrgyz producer Mirlan Abdykalykov will show his film Heavenly Nomadic. An old drover’s life proceeds uneventfully by its normal route, until meteorologist Yermek appears in his village. This is a story about the fate of people living in remote mountain settlements.    

Still from the film Ali. Producer Ramazan Özer. 2019.

On 10 June, a Turkish actor, Hakan Meriçliler, will present the film Ali.  Its hero is fighting a disease. His father does everything he can to ease his son’s sufferings, but the strength ebbs away.     

The program ends on 12 June with demonstration of Get Lucky (UK). The actor and singer Leo Ihenacho will tell about the creation of the film. Lucky and Rafael are engaged in shady dealings. Once their affair failed and they fell into a huge debt to underworld kingpins. To clear their debt, they plan to robber the city’s biggest casino.

Still from the film Get Lucky. Producer Sacha Bennett. 2013.

All demonstrations are free. One only needs to register.

The highlight of Art Football 2019 is the 9th football championship among actors. The official opening will take place at the Lokomotiv Stadium on June 8. This year, 16 teams from different countries will take part in the sports competition. Among them there will be over 500 popular musicians and variety performers. The football pitch will receive representatives of Argentina, Belarus, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, and South Korea.


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