Figure skating, skiing, hockey and jibbing: winter entertainments Moscow parks have in store

November 21, 2019

Winter season in the parks of the Moscow Department of Culture starts on 22 November. This year, Muscovites and tourists will enjoy 38 rinks, 62 ski slopes, and 39 slides for sleds, toboggans and snow tubes. Besides, the parks will host festivals, concerts and workshops throughout the winter.

Learn to play curling and ski a 2 km run

Winter sports classes are to open in 18 parks. Learn figure skating basics in 15 recreation areas, and play hockey in 11 more. Seven ski and two skating schools will also open for public. Three clubs will teach curling.

'This season, new clubs are to open in 12 city recreation areas. Join snowboarding and jibbing clubs opened for the first time in Fili Park (jibbing is a snowboarding style, sliding over special metal, wood or plastic objects, railings or parapets). In Fili Park, you will learn both snowboarding and unusual stunts. This winter, the ski run in the Olympic Village Park will offer amateur biathlon classes. Krasnaya Presnya Park will have a skating school,' said Mosgorpark Director Vyacheslav Dunayev.

Фото: Максим Денисов

According to him, rinks will open in 22 Moscow parks. The skating rink in Gorky Park will be the first to open for guests on 22 November. Of the 38 rinks to open this winter, 18 will have natural ice, while the other 20 will have artificial surface. 12 sites will be free. These are Perovsky Park, Raduga Ponds Park, Sokolniki Park (two skating rinks), Lyublino Estate, Northern Tushino parks, Angarskiye Prudy Park, Goncharovsky Park, Mitino Landscape Park, Vorontsovsky Park, 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park and Fili Park.

For the first time since 2013, Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve opens its skating rink exceeding 1,000 sq m. You will find it on the site at Shipilovskie Vorota.

Фото: Максим Денисов

Skiing fans will enjoy 62 ski runs. The total length of the routes will exceed 164,000 sq m. Five ski runs will work whatever the weather. In snowless weather, special guns will spray artificial snow. 46 routes will be illuminated in the dark.

'This year, about 2 km long new ski run is to open in Khodynskoye Pole Park. Besides, there will be 39 slides for sleds, toboggans and snow tubes in Moscow recreation areas. Two of them will be open in any weather,' Vyacheslav Dunayev added.

Slide down a 'vsepogorka' and make a coloured snowman 

New tubing slides will appear in the Bauman Garden, Lianozovsky Park and the Park in Angarskaya Street. Izmailovsky Park will offer three new ready-made slides. 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park and the grounds between Shipilovsky Proyezd and Kashirskoye Highway will have 'vsepogorkis', tubing slides to be open in any weather. This winter, there going to be 13 tubing slides in Moscow parks.

Фото: Максим Денисов

Visit Sokolniki Park together with your children. It will have a 100 m long snow bike track. Also, you can arrange a dog sled race on the 1.5 km riding track in Sokolniki.

Make a bright snowman on a special site in Pryamikov Children's Park. You will have fluorescent paints to spray on snowmen to make them glow in the evening. There will be a small snow and ice fortress next to the site. Armed with snowball makers, Park guests can enjoy a snowball fight.

There is also a special program for the Moscow Longevity members. Senior people will be able to attend regular skating and skiing classes. 17 parks will open figure skating classes for them, too. The program will also include ski sports training sessions in 14 recreation areas.

This winter is going to see about 2,000 events in the parks, including 80 festivals, 200 concerts and over 1,400 master classes.

There will be the venues of traditional winter festivals and holidays opened. 13 December till 12 January, Muscovites and Moscow guests are in for the annual Journey to Christmas festival. Moreover, festive grounds will appear in the parks on the New Year's eve, Christmas and Shrovetide.

According to Vyacheslav Dunayev, this winter season in Moscow parks will attract even more guests. Citizens and tourists are expected to visit the recreation areas more than 39 million times.

Last winter, there were 41 skating rinks with artificial or natural ice arranged in the recreation areas, with figure skating, curling and hockey schools opened in 15 parks. Besides, guests enjoyed 38 tubing slides and some 60 ski runs. Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Zaryadye, Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora and Izmailovsky Park were the top popular spots.

The winter season in Moscow parks opens late in November to end early in March.

Фото: Максим Денисов


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