Festivals, films and exhibitions: summer events to attend in Moscow parks

May 30
Parks and pedestrian areas

Five renovated parks are to open in the upcoming summer season. After comprehensive improvement and landscaping, Levoberezhny Recreation Area, Terletskaya Dubrava, Khodynskoye Pole, 50-Letiya Oktyabrya parks and Mitino Landscape Park will start operating.

At a Moscow Government Presidium meeting, Government Minister and Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky told about cultural events to be held in Moscow parks this summer.

In recent years, parks have become one of the most popular holiday destinations for Moscow residents and guests, with 125.8 million visitors in 2018.

In 2019, parks expect 129.1 million visitors, with 90.6 million people in the summer season.

Moscow parks will offer:

— 34 football fields;

— 24 dance floors;

— 14 boat stations;

— 14 cinemas;

— 25 recreation areas by the water;

— 202 children's playgrounds and 285 sports grounds;

— 53 stages;

— 13 rope adventure parks;

— 14 skate parks;

— 129 rental pavilions;

— 23 fountains;

— 79 km of bike lanes;

— 15 dog training grounds;

— 364 mobile toilet units.

1,403 mobile facilities, including vending machines, mobile carts, kiosks, pavilions and others will trade in the parks.

Special focus will be placed on safety of park visitors. The parks will have 1,045 stations of private security companies with 2,542 CCTV cameras and 1,477 speakers installed. In case of weather alerts, all rides will be stopped and visitors evacuated.

In the summer season, 7,600 cultural events are to be held in parks, including 2,461 festivals, 1,867 concerts, 1,351 lectures and seminars, 939 film shows, 370 street artist performances, 240 major cultural events, 226 photo exhibitions and more.

Moscow parks will become venues for public holidays, such as Children's Day (1 June), Russia Day (12 June), Сity Day (7-8 September) and others.

In August and September, Flower Jam festival will be held.

33 parks will hold trainings as part of the Moscow Longevity Programme, including wellness classes, meetings of theatre groups and public physical exercise sessions.

Source: mos.ru

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