Famous city bridges: Krymsky, Luzhnetsky and Bolshoi Kamenny bridges

May 24
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Discover.Moscow tourism portal has a whole range of fascinating stories devoted to some of the city’s most famous bridges and reveals how the designs were drawn up with specific features, the construction and who their architects were.

What was the nickname of the bridge constructed by Amand Struve and Vladimir Shpeyer and why was it’s real name Krymsky (Crimean) ? What do the historic Krasnoluzhsky and Luzhnetsky Bridges have in common? Which famous people sauntered along the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge and why did people used to exclaim “more costly than the Kamenny Bridge” at the time of Peter the Great? If you are longing to find answers to these and other questions it’s easy, just go to Discover.Moscow portal.

There’s also plenty of information there about bridges that were built in Moscow fairly recently with facts about measurements, and where the best viewpoints are located. Discover where photos for social networks were most often taken.

The stories also carry interesting things about the Patriarshy Bridge (Patriarch’s), the first stone bridge over the Moskva River called Vsekhsvyatsky (All Saints’) and the Luzhnetsky Metro Bridge.

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Source: mos.ru

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