Faces of industry: how the female employees of Moscow factories live

March 10
Social sector

Until the end of March, an exhibition dedicated to International Women's Day is being held on Chistoprudny and Nikitsky Boulevards. The project involves 60 female employees of Moscow factories, representing various industries. All-business, classy - at first glance, you would not think that these women run machines, recycle old equipment and are responsible for loading elevators on the daily basis. Three heroines of the exposition told mos.ru how to combine blue-collar work with raising children and stay full of energy.

All in chocolate

Natalya Buravtsova, head of the United Confectioners production department

When the house smells of chocolate from the very childhood, the choice of profession is predetermined, says Natalya Buravtsova, head of the production department of Konditerskiy Kontsern Babayevskiy Open Joint-Stock Company, which is part of the United Confectioners holding. Her parents worked at a confectionery factory, and Natalya knew from an early age that she would get behind the same conveyor and continue the family business.

“My sister and I graduated from the Moscow State University of Food Production. Dad said that work in the food industry will be in demand at any time, because people are always hungry. After graduation, I got a job at the Babayevsky factory, and my sister - at the "Krasny Oktyabr". I think my 13-year-old daughter Arina will become a confectioner - she says she wants to be like her grandfather,” says Natalya Buravtsova.

Natalya started her manufacturing career back in 2004, checking raw materials for making sweets. Then she moved to the retail department, and from there to the department of the chief technologist, where she developed new products. Then she was transferred to the position of lead engineer in the production department and eventually became the head of it. Now a lot depends on Natalya: whether the raw materials have arrived at the factory, whether the machines are working, whether the intended sweets have turned out well.

“The work is hard and the enterprise is big. For the New Year, for example, 3.5 million children's gifts were packed, and I had to control this process, to unify its participants. We did it and made the kids happy,” says Natalya Buravtsova.

The confectioner admits: she tastes sweets so often at work that she does not eat them at all at home. Natalya does sports a lot, in her free time she participates in marathons.

“The first race happened ... at night: friends offered to run 10 kilometers. I wondered if I was able to do it, besides, I wanted to walk around Moscow at night. And since I am a very devoted person, I quickly became involved. I also introduced my daughter and sister to it. We go to marathons in different cities of Russia. In Suzdal, we once ran 33 kilometers through a ford, plains and ravines, the marathon lasted about five hours. For the May holidays, we are going to participate in the RosaRun race at the Rosa Khutor resort with the whole family, together with children. In general, running is also our family affair, inherited from our parents. They are also sports-oriented,” explains her hobby Natalya.

According to Natalya, when she became the head of the department at the age of 30, she considered work to be the engine of life. Now she is trying to devote more time to her family and daughter. Her boss and colleagues support her in this: she is given leave earlier, she can always work from home.

Natalya Buravtsova is sure that “there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome”.

Time tested: Moscow factories with centuries-long history

Work of Salvation

Anastasia Polyakova, head of the ecology and utilization department of the Ecotechprom plant

Who will save the world if not us? Anastasia Polyakova, head of the ecology and utilization department of the Ecotechprom plant, believes that her work adds up to protect the environment.

“My department makes sure that our production is as safe as possible for the environment, controls all raw materials entering the plant. Raw materials are old household appliances that have lost their consumer properties, for example, refrigerators, washing machines, hair dryers. The plant processes all this and gives new life to the materials in the form of secondary raw materials - non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastics. It is good that obsolete devices end up with us, and not in landfills or dumps. We all live on the same planet - if we pollute it now, our children will get this waste,” says Anastasia.

She came to the plant to work as an environmentalist in 2019, and in 2020 she was promoted to head of department. “I didn’t expect that in just six months I would become a head of department,” says Anastasia. Before Ecotechprom, she tried herself as a developer of automatic environmental monitoring systems (devices that determine the level of concentration of pollutants in the air), but she realized that work at manufacturing site is closer and more important to her.

Even after work, Anastasia continues to save the world: she is a volunteer, delivering food and medicine to the elderly and people with limited mobility.

“I don’t like to sit still. I don't like doing useless things either, so volunteering has become my hobby. Although "hobby" is hardly the right word - it is morally hard work. Even during the pandemic, I learned from friends that there is such an organization that helps people in difficult situations. I found myself in a completely different reality, in which people have a very hard time, but they do not give up, they fight. Then I joined the ranks of the volunteers. While I was working remotely, I fulfilled orders at lunchtime, and now I am distributing orders in the evenings and at weekends. I know that this is necessary right now,” says Anastasia Polyakova.

Unfortunately, both work and helping those in need do not leave Anastasia time for her personal life. “I don’t really have time for that right now. I would like to learn how to stop time so that I could do everything!” laughs Anastasia.

By high-speed elevator

Daria Gerasimenko, expert of the logistics department of the Shcherbinsky elevator building plant

The main thing is to make quick and correct decisions, to act promptly and accurately, says Daria Gerasimenko, expert of the logistics department of the Shcherbinsky elevator building plant.

Daria knew from her youth that she would work with machines: she graduated from the Podolsky Institute (branch) of the Moscow State Open University with a degree in management economics at a machine-building enterprise. She came to the Shcherbinsky plant 11 years ago, at first she was the quality control department inspector of the final control (an expert who evaluates the quality of manufactured products). Then Daria was transferred to the logistics department.

“I chose my major because of my interest in economics. When I entered the university, it was considered trendy. Gradually I realized that I like choosing the right transport, calculating the distance, calculating the cost of delivery, communicating with customers. Speed is crucial in my work. The other day, for example, at the very end of the working day, it was necessary to find two lorries for the delivery of elevators. I had to urgently call a lot of transport companies in order to quickly organize the logistics. But our team made it possible,” says Daria Gerasimenko.

Over the years, the logistician got used to the fact that her day is scheduled in seconds. Therefore, as soon as she took her first maternity leave, she immediately found something to do - she started sewing. She saw a beautiful set of children's bedding on the Internet and tried to make the same. It turned out really well. Then Daria began to cut dresses for girls. When her eldest daughter became interested in rhythmic gymnastics, a costume for performances came out from under the needle of Daria's sewing machine, and it was so stylish that orders from her friends fell in.

“However, now, when I have two girls - five-year-old Alexandra and two-year-old Alice, as well as a dog and a cat, time is running out. In addition, I take Alexandra to rhythmic gymnastics six times a week. It is possible for me to dedicate my time to sewing once or twice a month, not more often. But in the future, perhaps, the hobby will turn into a new profession,” says Daria.

Despite her busy schedule, Daria plans to get a second university degree in logistics or management through a free program for mothers with children under seven. “I will study extramurally or remotely. We need to keep building on our knowledge,” says the mos.ru interlocutress.

Red letter date

Upon learning that their portraits were exhibited in the center of Moscow, the girls were delighted. “I have two reasons for joy: my sister Lena Astakhova also participates in the photo exhibition. Immediately two from the dynasty of confectioners!" says Natalya Buravtsova.

Anastasia Polyakova believes that her parents will be proud of her. And Daria Gerasimenko noted: "This is just a leap forward after the maternity leave!"

When we talked with the heroines of the photo exhibition, they were preparing for the 8th of March. According to Natalya, three spring days off with her family is a real gift.

Anastasia is waiting for an armful of flowers. “I love it when someone congratulates me. I love to watch men standing in line for bouquets from the early morning. I love looking at women with flowers,” she says. And Daria`s birthday is on March 8.

“We will celebrate a double holiday. My husband will buy flowers for me, my daughters and my mother, as always. And we will all together congratulate her on giving me to the world!” smiles Daria.

Source: mos.ru

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