Face masks still mandatory in Moscow

June 10
Social sector

Moscow is gradually returning back to normal: all the main restrictions will be lifted in June given that the epidemiological situation is normalises and all sanitary measures are being obeyed. Citizens will still have to wear face masks and gloves in public areas, as well as keep a safe distance from each other.

“We should not forget that the possibility to catch the coronavirus has been reduced, but not totally eliminated. We need to monitor the situation and to prevent another outbreak. Every one of us must take care about our health and the health of our close ones. Companies that continue their operations must comply with the requirements of the sanitary services,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote on his blog.

Face masks have been mandatory in Moscow since 12 May and people must wear them  plus gloves in shops, shopping centres, chemists, offices and on all public transport, including in taxis .Masks should be put on before leaving home.

It will help to limit the spread of the virus and to protect people when passenger flows increase. Relevant information posters and stickers have been placed in public areas as well as on transport.

Restriction lifting

The lifting of the restrictions will take place in three stages. As of 9 June digital passes were cancelled as well as self-isolation; beauty parlors, hair salons, veterinary clinics (now operating full-time) and HR agencies are working again. Offices of public organisations and cemeteries are open to the public. Car-sharing restrictions have been lifted. Film and sound studios, as well as research institutes are getting back to work and theatres, concert halls and circuses will be able to rehearse.

Next week, on 16 June: dentist’s and companies engaged in real estate, leasing and law firms, accountants, consulting services in management, advertising and market research will resume their operations in full.

Sports events will be permitted with 10 percent of the capacity of the facility filled with people.

Summer terraces of cafes will open, as well as libraries (appointments are required), museums, galleries and zoos (using e-tickets). These organisations will have to accommodate a limited number of visitors.

The third stage will begin on 23 June. Fitness and health centres and swimming pools will open, as well as restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, buffets, bars, lunch counters and other catering facilities, including those in culture and leisure parks, plus spa, massage and tanning salons, Russian and other kinds of saunas. Appointments will no longer be required for libraries. Organisations engaged in water delivery will also resume their operations.

All organisations will have to comply with the requirements of the relevant municipal departments and the requirements of the Moscow Directorate of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare.

The decision about the lifting of the remaining restrictions will be made at a later date.

Source: mos.ru

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