Extreme sports, Fairy Tale Alley and an old estate: The best parks in the Southeastern Administrative Area

September 5
Parks and pedestrian areas

Parks and nature areas in all Moscow administrative areas see improvements under the My District programme. The main goal of this programme is to provide a comfortable environment for all Muscovites, regardless of their place of residence. Read about the best newly improved green areas of the Southeastern Administrative Area in this mos.ru article.

Park on the Moskva River embankment in Kapotnya

In 2019, the bank of the Moskva River in Kapotnya saw improvement work. Previously, it was an unkempt and neglected slope – swampy areas, thickets of weeds and dead wood left no opportunity for walking, and the lack of lighting and large amount of debris made the place unsafe. Now, you can relax and do sport in this new park.

The landscaping began in April. For six months, work was underway to remove the debris and weeds, and build viewing platforms at the water's edge, most of which have sun loungers.

The specialists treated the natural features of the area with care. The swampy areas were not artificially drained but included in eco-trails that cover 1.5 kilometres. The eco-trails were mounted on screw piles with a boarded surface and handrails. The evening lighting is harmless to plants and animals.

The park has places for recreation and picnics, and an embankment that stretches for more than two kilometres. You can also do sports here: there are grounds for workout and team games and ping pong tables, as well as seven playgrounds.

Lyublino Estate Park

Lyublino, one of the oldest and most beautiful Moscow estates, kept its historical appearance after the improvement work. But the adjacent park got a makeover and became much more comfortable.

There are 15 new entrances decorated in the same style. The embankment now has 14 new wooden bridges – both small observation platforms and places for fishing. The Lyublino Ponds were cleared, and the boat station was restored.

The southeastern part of the park got a large circular swing for 28 people. It is finished with larch panels, which allowed it to organically fit into the park ensemble. The swing has already become a popular place for photo shoots.

In addition, the park now offers seven sports grounds and six playgrounds, an amphitheatre and two stages, a permanent pavilion for on-site marriage registration and new rental stations.

Garden square near the Church of St Andrew the First-Called Apostle, Lyublino District

Previously, the territory between the Lyublino and Volzhskaya metro stations could not be called a garden square – there simply was a path along which residents of the nearby block walked to the metro. This route was very popular despite the lack of lighting and benches. Therefore, the plans to create the garden square took into account the wishes of its regular visitors.

Here workers expanded the pedestrian zone, paved the paths with tiles, placed benches under pergolas, and added rock gardens and topiary figures. The revamp also, included playgrounds for children of different ages: seesaws and swings for kids, plus a Kremlin play town and a pump track for older children.

Dusseldorf Park

The park appeared in the east of Maryino in 2006 and received its name three years later. At the same time, the symbol of Dusseldorf – a figure of a boy doing a cartwheel – was installed in the park.

In 2019, Dusseldorf Park saw renovations, including the addition of a football field with artificial turf, a hockey rink, a workout area, three playgrounds and a  dog run, the upgrade of bike paths and a BMX track, and the installation of a new open-air stage.

A recreation area was put in at the highest point, the top of the hand-made hill.  A west bank of the Dusseldorf Pond was reinforced with a gabion and wooden decks were built, offering a comfortable place to sit.

Family Alley

A walking area in Maryino was one of 12 landmarks in the Southeastern Administrative Area landscaped under the My District programme in 2019. The Family Alley runs parallel to Verkhniye Polya Street and continues the Young Families Alley, which appeared in the Lyublino District in 2005.

The area got spruced up with new paths, benches with awnings, a large swing and new plants. Sports grounds and playgrounds with safe surfaces were added to the recreation area. The Fregat wooden “town” became one of the best play areas.

Fairy Tale Alley and Lovers’ Alley

The Fairy Tale Alley appeared in Nekrasovka in 2011: the section between 1st and 2nd Volskaya streets became a pedestrian zone, decorated with wooden figures of fairy tale characters. Over time, the figures fell into disrepair, and the city authorities decided to update the popular walking area.

The figures were replaced with new ones and equipped with lighting. The adjoining playground also got an upgrade, including a safe surface, a two-storey climbing structure and several play areas. A workout area was set up across the road.

Lovers' Alley is a walking area next to school No. 1595 between 2nd Volskaya and Lyuberka streets. It appeared eight years ago, when newlyweds hung a lock on the bridge across the decorative pond as a symbol of love. Today it is a modern public space decorated in a single style.

At the entrance, there is a wrought-iron gate with the inscription Lovers' Alley arcing above it, and thematic art objects: the word "love" and an arch in the shape of a heart. Other additions include new paths, comfortable benches and lighting. Sports fans can enjoy a skate park and a hockey rink.

Technical sports park

An extreme sports centre opened in Pechatniki in 2018. An illegal dump formed here over 20 years ago. In 2016–2017, the waste was removed, the dump was reclaimed and ecologically clean soil was delivered.

The park runs along the bank of the Moskva River. The tiled embankment has eight stairways  going down to the water, and eight picnic areas with gazebos and barbecues.

Cyclists enjoy a 1.8-kilometre-long path, and children have fun on a playground with a swing and the Lazalia vertical play maze.

In addition, there are five zones for professional and amateur competitions with metal fences and the necessary equipment. Special motorcycle competitions take place on a closed, 1,880-metres-long motocross track with natural obstacles. A multipurpose road ring track, 1,000 metres long and 10 metres wide, is suitable for car and motor sports. There is also a 1,000-metre-long go-karting zone. On the counter-slope bike trail of 205 metres, you can practise cycling motocross, as well as perform tricks on a special bike. A skate park with an area of ​​673 square metres was also created.

Sports equipment is available for hire from rental offices. The park is open all days of the week except Mondays.

Fyodor Poletayev Garden Square

A small garden square in the Ryazansky District is named after Hero of the Soviet Union Fyodor Poletayev, a member of the Italian Resistance movement during the Great Patriotic War. After Germany's surrender,  Poletayev was considered missing for a long time and was even suspected of treason. In fact, the soldier of the rifle division had been captured and held in many concentration camps until he got to Italy. There, after escaping, he joined a partisan detachment, participated in many military operations with his Italian comrades, and died heroically in February 1945.

In the Fyodor Poletayev Garden Square, visitors can walk along the Heroes of the Soviet Union Alley and see military equipment – guns, tanks and armoured personnel carriers. There are 15 memorial plates here, and a capsule with a message from Great Patriotic War veterans to their descendants. The capsule will be opened on the 100th anniversary of the Victory.

The park saw its walking paths upgraded, a path for cyclists made, a sports area renovated, and two new playgrounds built. Kids will find a new swing in the play area, and older children can explore the Kremlin, Peter and Paul Fortress and Express Train educational structures on the playground. There is also a fenced area for walking dogs with training equipment.

Source: mos.ru

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