Exhibitions dedicated to the Battle of Moscow 80th anniversary were opened on the boulevards of the capital

November 28, 2021

The Military Arts! exhibitions dedicated to the Battle of Moscow 80th anniversary were opened on Gogolevsky and Tverskoy Boulevards, as well as in Catherine Park. You can visit them until December 20. The exhibitions present photographs showing how in incredibly difficult conditions citizens were able to learn a new ground — protect the city and chase enemies away from the capital.

"Exhibitions on the boulevards are a good opportunity for Muscovites to find out new things while walking or on the way to work. Now we have prepared expositions for the Battle of Moscow 80th anniversary. At the exhibitions, we tried to highlight both the life of Muscovites who remained in the city and those who went to the front. Due to facts and photos, you can, for example, understand how the barriers made of powered balloons helped to protect the city, who the listeners were, how it was managed to disguise the center of the capital in 10 days, and much more. The exhibitions will operate for a month and should be of interest to all citizens," Yaroslav Onopenko, Head of the Main Archive Department of Moscow, said.

In the summer of 1941, the population of Moscow exceeded 4.2 million people. When the war began, about 850 thousand of its inhabitants went to the front. The citizens who stayed in the capital, including women, children and teenagers had to master new professions in industry and transport, to receive military specialties. The capital civilians replaced at their workplaces those who left to defend their homeland — it was their feat. Muscovites put their shoulder to the their Army, did everything possible to prevent the enemy from entering the city.

The Battle for Moscow lasted from September 30, 1941 to April 20, 1942 and was of key importance throughout the war. It was the first strategic defeat of Germany in World War II and dispelled the myth of the invincibility of the nazi army. Thanks to the victory in the Battle for Moscow, the Soviet people believed in the possibility of a successful end to the war, and on an international scale it helped to strengthen the anti-Hitler coalition, forced the governments of Japan and Turkey to refrain from entering the war against the USSR on the side of Germany.

During the Battle for Moscow, the enemy lost more than 500 thousand people killed, wounded and missed in action, as well as 1.3 thousand tanks, 2.5 thousand guns and other equipment. The irreplaceable losses of the Soviet troops amounted to 936,644 people.

Source: mos.ru

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