Everything is prepared in case COVID-19 situation gets worse

September 26

Moscow is seeing an increase in the cases of the novel coronavirus. However, the city is ready to handle this and has all the medical capacities required, according to the Moscow coronavirus emergency response centre.

“Moscow is carefully monitoring the coronavirus all over the world. Many regions, including Europe, are seeing the incidence increase. The same trend has been noted in Moscow. Today we have passed the psychological threshold of over 1,000 new cases. The upward trend has been confirmed by the number of people being taken to hospital with COVID-19. Over the last week, the daily number of hospitalised patients has gone up by about 30 percent,” the response centre notes.

Moscow is well prepared, with reserve hospital beds that can be available at any given moment. All the city clinics have the necessary medical equipment and medication. Around 70,000 PCR tests are being taken every single day in the city, so that doctors can quickly diagnose, treat and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Post-registration trials of the coronavirus vaccine are also being carried out in Moscow. Candidates need to fill out a form and be selected for vaccination which is available at outpatient and inpatient healthcare facilities.

The first batch of the vaccine is already available to the public. Doctors and nurses dealing with respiratory infection, employees of outpatient CT centres and healthcare workers visiting patients at home, including nurses who carry out blood tests and other biomaterial tests on home visits, are the first to get vaccinated.

“Please note once again that developments around the coronavirus will depend on people, too. It is essentially important to wear masks in the current circumstances, above all in public places and on all public transport. Try to decrease the number of contacts with people as much as possible. It is especially important to take care of senior citizens,” the response centre added.

Source: mos.ru

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