Evening Stroll and Metropolis Romance: Where to Enjoy Sunset in Moscow

July 27
Parks and pedestrian areas

It is possible to see the sunset from almost any part of Moscow. However the most picturesque views wait in parks and public gardens. There the city dwellers can relax in sun loungers, go on the panoramic swings, or see off the sun sitting on top of a hill. We’ll tell you about the best places in the city for evening walks.

Northern Administrative District: panoramic swings and reservoir shoreline

You can enjoy the sunset in the park Khodynskoye Pole in the north of Moscow. Visitors can take their seats on deck-chairs or panoramic swings that stand on artificial hills. The house of mirrors is located on one of them. It sparkles nicely at sunset, reflecting the sun rays.

Picturesque views can also be found in the park Druzhba (Friendship Park). It’s better to watch the setting sun from the waterside or from the bridges at the ponds Festivalnye Ponds. Here you can walk through the alley named after Alisa Selezneva — the heroine of the sci-fi series by Kir Bulychev, look at the copies of sculptures by Vera Mukhina — the author of a famous monument of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa). There are other monuments in the park — the work of the Finnish sculptor Antti Neuvonen Children of the World, monument of the Hungarian-Soviet friendship, stela to the Soviet Union Exploit. Danish Gratitude. 1941–1943. They are especially beautiful in the setting sun.

It’s really enjoyable to take an evening walk along the embankment of Khimki Reservoir in the recreation area Levoberezhye (Left Bank area). Here the visitors are treated to the views of Khimki Bridge and Rivers Khimka and Vorobyevka. There is an observation deck with a round bench in the right part of the park. It can be accessed from the side of Levoberezhnaya street. The multicoloured sunlight illuminates the park and Khimki Reservoir during the sunset.

The view of the Moscow Canal can be seen from the recreation area located from the side of Pribrezhny Proezd. You can take a seat in the sun loungers there. There are cafes and playgrounds a little further ahead. There are also bike lanes here.

Angarskiye Prudy (Ponds) Park is another landmark of the Northern Administrative District. You can watch the sunset in the Apple Orchard or near the pond Bolshoi Angarsky Pond. Guests can sit on the grass lawn or take a seat on the benches, look at the birds and water surface reflecting the multicoloured sky.

Western Administrative District and South-Western Administrative District: Viewing Deck and Cascade Ponds

One of the best places for evening promenade in the west of Moscow is Fili Park. It is located near the embankment of the Moskva River. There are benches along the shore and deck chairs at the east end of the park.

In addition, you can enjoy the sunset in the Olympic Village Park. It is more convenient to get there from the metro stations Ozernaya and Michurinsky Prospekt of Solntsevskaya line or Yugo-Zapadnaya of Sokolnicheskaya metro line. The setting sun can be best seen from the observation deck in the central part of the park. The reference point is a big pavilion located at the end of the main lane.

Фото М. Денисова. Mos.ru

It is possible to see the sunsets in the south-west of Moscow in Vorontsovo Estate, beautiful views open up from the waterside of the pond Bolshoi Vorontsovsky Pond. This is the largest pond in the cascade of five ponds. It is located not far from the manor side wings. You can also watch the sunset from the water by renting a boat.

Central Administrative District: Berceau Zone and Maly Island (Small Island)

Gorky Park is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset in the downtown. Observation deck is on the roof of the main entrance to the Park. Neskuchny Garden, Vorobyovy Hills, Shukhovskaya and Ostankino Towers, building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Science can be seen from here.

You need to buy a ticket to the museum to get to the observation deck. Both the deck and the museum are open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday is a day off.

Krasnaya Presnya Park has equally picturesque views. If you look at the sunset from the side of Maly Island, you can see the sun hiding behind the skyscrapers of Moscow City. It’s better to make yourself comfortable on the bend bridge, grass lawn, or a bench. One more option is to take a walk along the ponds Krasnogvardeiskiye Ponds.

Before the sunset, it is especially beautiful in the south of Bauman Garden, near the berceau zone (arched tunnel with climbing live plants), outdoor stage and the flower garden. The sunlight before sunset gets through the vine and leaves, drawing shadow patterns inside the arch. Besides, there’s a wonderful view of the Church of Holy Martyr Nikita on Staraya Basmannaya Street.

South Administrative District and South-East Administrative District: Alleys, Groves, and Lawns

Residents of the southern districts of the city can spend a golden hour in the open-air museum Kolomenskoye. The best way to watch the sun is from Dyakov Hillfort. You can get there from the embankment of the Moskva River through the 6th park entrance. The road will pass by the palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, along the embankment and floodplain meadows with Dyakov Garden. You should carefully climb to the top, as this nature and archeology landmark is not equipped with stairs.

The sunset at the open-air museum Tsaritsyno - near the Milovida park pavilion at the pond Verkhny Tsaritsynsky Pond - will be no less appealing. The pavilion got its name just because of its fabulous views. Guests can sit on the steps, at a table in an outdoor cafe or walk through a linden alley to the ruin-tower, which is a landscape monument of the 19th century.

Beautiful views of the sunset sky open up at the shore of the pond Shibaevsky Pond in Kuzminki Park. Here you can see how the sun rays touch the trees and lawns and how bright boats cleave through the water surface.

Eastern Administrative District and North-Eastern Administrative District: Ancient Architecture and a Boat Station

Kuskovo Estate-Museum Park is one of the best places for taking a walk in the east of Moscow. You can watch the sunset when walking along the embankment of the Bolshoi Usadebny Pond or the cour d'honneur. The embankment has a view of the Sheremetev’s Palace. There are comfortable lounge-benches for the guests. If you go a little further, you can also see the Grot Pavilion and the regular park of the 18th century.

Residents of the eastern part of the city should visit Izmailovsky Park in the evening. It’s better to meet the sunset on the waterside of the pond Krugly Pond or at the boat station located in the center of the park.

One more location to enjoy the sunset in the north-east of Moscow is in the public garden of Olonetsky Proezd. It is located on both banks of River Yauza between Sukhonskaya Street and Olonetsky Proezd. The best place to watch the setting sun is the Great Stone Bridge.

Source: mos.ru

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