Estampages, buffoon masks and doll model: New Manege to run 'Theatre.Rus' exhibition

October 26, 2019

New Manege opens a big exhibition 'Theatre.Rus' as part of the Year of Theatre celebrated in Russia. Timed to the 125th anniversary of A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, the exhibition will tell about the Russian theatre's development. It will be divided into themed zones: Serf Theatre, Imperial Theatres, Moscow Art Theatre— Meyerhold — Tairov —Russian Avant-garde, Theatre During the Great Patriotic War, Soviet Theatre Artists, Children's Theatre and Next Theatre Generation.

Some 2,000 exhibits will be presented at the exhibition, including sketches, models, costumes, posters, photographs, paintings, graphic art works, sculptures, audios and videos from Bakhrushin Museum. Among them are the original backdrops of the Russian painter Konstantin Korovin made for 'The Golden Cockerel' opera. The rooms are decorated so that the visitors could immerse in the theatre's atmosphere.

'It is important for the exhibition's authors to show the life story of the Russian theatre, perceive the origins and meaning of its path, show the continuity of live, real modern times genetically and naturally linked to the past,' said Dmitry Rodionov, Director General of Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum.

The exhibition starts with a series of original rock painting estampages from the Khakass Kyzlasov National Museum of Local Lore depicting ancient masks and dancing figures. Young visitors will like a puppet model of 1947 from the holdings of the Ulyanovsk Leontiyeva Puppet Theatre and a collection of buffoon masks the Novgorod State Integrated Museum Reserve is to bring to Moscow.

Daily, a series of lectures 'Trade Lessons' by Grigory Zaslavsky, Vadim Shcherbakov, Dmitry Rodionov and Rimma Krechetova will take place in the hall decorated with Moscow theatres' scenery and props. Also, theatrical projects and periodicals will be presented.

The exhibition will run 2 November till 8 January. 1 November is the opening day. Start at 07:00 pm. It will host a ceremony of awarding letters of gratitude to the Museum employees and partners, who have helped in the organisation of successful projects as part of the Year of Theatre celebrated in Russia.


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