Emerald House and Sausage King’s estate: Route around traders’ landmarks with Russpass

December 15, 2020
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A walk around the city centre is a good opportunity to sneak into the past and see the best houses of Moscow traders. The Russpass tour service together with the #Москвастобой media platform (#MoscowWithYou) has prepared the Moscow Trade theme route.

The route can be taken for an interesting tour without a guide. It runs through central Moscow streets, including Zamoskvorechye District where the richest and most powerful trading families settled.

The route includes 12 stops. It begins near the church of Martyr Pope Clement (26 Pyatnitskaya Street). This is considered the only Moscow church that survived the 1812 fire. It is first mentioned in the middle of the 17th century. Its appearance today is the result of a large reconstruction in 1756. Money for expansion was donated by trader Kuzma Matveyev who lived in a house nearby. He owned textile factories near Kursk and even invented rare dyes for fabrics, which were equal in quality to their foreign counterparts.

A revenue house that belonged to soap factory owner, trader Vladimir Bonya, is another tour point (20 Pyatnitskaya Street ). This is one of the tallest buildings in the district. The Neoclassic estate was built in 1911 and designed by architect Sergei Zharov. The facade is adorned with bay windows and decorative vases. For a long time, Robert Koehler’s pharmacy was located on the ground floor of the revenue house. He was the first in Russia to start producing medicines in commercial volumes.

The route then goes to Novokuznetskaya Metro Station’s entrance hall. Since the 16th century, and until 1934, the church of Martyr Paraskeva stood where the surface entrance is located today. Traders considered her their patron saint. Legend says that an arshin measuring standard had been kept inside the church that traders could try to equal. If it turned out that a merchant was dodgy, he was forced to swallow a wooden stick, which was called a correctional arshin.

The estate of the Traders Vargin can be seen next on the walk. They became rich selling gloves. The magnificent emerald revenue house of furrier Ilya Galperin, the city estate of the “Sausage King” Nikolai Grigoryev and other city landmarks can also be seen in this area.

The route finishes at Zaryadye Park. The new park is located in a historical area where a large trading settlement with a lot of artisans and traders was located until the 16th century.

Read more about the landmarks along the Moscow Trade route on Russpass’s website.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko, Mos.ru

#Москвастобой is a special online project launched by Moscow’s Committee for Tourism in March 2020. The website has lectures, theatre performances, literature readings, online tours, culinary and fashion programmes and much more.

 Users can enjoy over 600 videos including virtual walks, workshops and shows. The project also has an English version: #Moscowwithyou

The Russpass tour service can help plan a unique journey quickly and easily. The website unites city services and landmarks.

Russpass.ru can be used to book a hotel or purchase plane, train and other tickets. The service helps people choose a ready-made route or create an individually tailored route. The service was created at the initiative of he Moscow Government. The project is curated by Moscow’s Committee for Tourism together with the Department of Information Technology.

Source: mos.ru

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