Embankments to be improved in the upcoming years

July 7
Construction and renovation

In the upcoming years, about 150 km of embankments is to be improved and landscaped, as reported by Sergei Sobyanin on his VKontakte account.


This year, six embankments are to be improved and landscaped: Ovchinnikovskaya, Ozerkovskaya, Marka Shagala, embankment in Kapotnya, Kozhukhovsky Zaton and Skhodnya River bank. They will have promenades, cafes, sports grounds and recreational areas. Some areas are to have unusual landscapes. In particular, Marka Shagala embankment will boast artificial hills to protect citizens and tourists from wind and noise.

Before 2023, 40 public spaces, 20 quays for riverboats and 13 new bridges across the Moskva River are to be built on the embankments.

Source: mos.ru

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