Elvis Presley's favourite car and other vintage cars of the Gorky Park exhibition

October 17, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

A free vintage car exhibition dedicated to the Motorist's Day will take place near the Stas Namin Theatre on 19 October in Gorky Park.

You will see more than 50 car models of the 1950–1980s, produced in different countries. These include cars of such famous brands as Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Dodge and Cadillac. The oldest exhibit is the Chevrolet Impala, which turned 61 this year. Despite the advanced age, the car can easily cover 1,000 km.

'Exhibition visitors will have an opportunity to view vehicles of the past years. Many of the cars are the only copies in Russia, with some of them displayed for the first time. Guests will be able to explore vintage cars, take pictures, and learn their history,' the Press Service of Gorky Park reported.

Experts of M. O. S. T. Iconic Cars Museum, the exhibition organiser, will tell about each of the exhibits.

'Vintage car fans will be especially delighted to see Cadillac cars. Among them is Cadillac de Ville, or, as it was called, 'the King of the Road'.  It was a favourite brand of American singer and actor Elvis Presley. The rock'n'roll king's personal collection included hundreds of cars, o about a hundred being Cadillacs,' the Press Service of the Museum told.

Another attractive exhibit is the Dodge Ram Pickup. It was released in 1978 in a limited edition, 3,000 cars only. Today, there are only a few dozen of them in the world.

Visitors will also be presented a Buick Riviera produced in 1973. This luxury car is of great interest to connoisseurs today. There are five Buick Rivieras in private collections in Russia.

Visit the exhibition of unique vintage cars in Gorky Park 10:00 am till 21:00.


The Motorist's Day, officially called the Day of the Motor and Urban Passenger Transport Worker, is celebrated in Russia annually on the last Sunday of October. This year, it is going to be 27 October.

Source: mos.ru

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