Eleven new stations: Sergei Sobyanin on metro expansion plans for 2021

January 8

About 5.5 million passengers used the metro stations that opened last year, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote on Twitter.


In 2020, seven new metro stations opened for passengers, including Yugo-Vostochnaya, Okskaya, Stakhanovskaya and Nizhegorodskaya on the Nekrasovskaya Line, and Aviamotornaya, Lefortovo and Elektrozavodskaya on the Big Circle Line (BCL), which are operating as part of the Nekrasovskaya Line for now.

Eleven stations are planned for opening this year. All of them are part of the Big Circle Line, the biggest project in the history of the Moscow Metro. Before the end of the year, the stations Karamyshevskaya, Mnevniki, Terekhovo, Kuntsevskaya, Davydkovo, Aminyevskaya, Michurinsky Prospekt, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Novatorskaya, Kaluzhskaya and Zyuzino will open in the western, southwestern and southern sections of the new circle line. Also in 2021, tunnel boring will be finished, and the circle will finally close in 2022.

The BCL will be 70 km long and consist of 31 stations with interchanges to radial lines, the Moscow Central Circle, the Moscow Central Diameters and radial railways.

The BCL will connect the existing and future radial lines of the Moscow Metro 10 km away from the Circle Line, which will help redistribute the traffic from the stations in the city centre.

Source: mos.ru

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