Eight new medicines to be procured by Moscow for patients with CVD

October 25, 2019

Moscow residents suffering from CVD will be provided free medicines. In total, eight new effective medicines are expected to be procured, as stipulated by the Resolution of the Moscow Government Presidium 'On Guarantees of Supplementary Medicines Provision to Patients with CVD'.

Free medicines will be provided to three patient groups.

The first group are those who have suffered an acute myocardial infarction. They will receive two antiplatelet drugs, Prasugrel and Ticagrelor.

The main risk for this group is repeated heart attack. To prevent or delay it, patients take free antiplatelet medicines for six months. Under the new program, the free medicine time is to be extended to at least one year, since, according to doctors, six months is too short a time.

The second group are patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. They will receive three innovative anticoagulants ― Apixaban, Dabigatran Etexilate and Rivaroxaban. These drugs prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of stroke. As a rule, one needs to take them for life. Warfarin will also continue to be provided for this group.

The third group includes patients with high cholesterol levels, those suffering from hyperlipidaemia with a very high CVD risk. For them, three lipid-lowering drugs will be procured ― Alirocumab, Evolocumab and Ezetimibe.

The standard therapy in this case suggests taking statins. But even these highly effective medicines sometimes fail to help. So patients will be prescribed more effective cholesterol lowering drugs.

It is expected that about 80,000 Moscow residents who suffer from CVD will get new free medicines.  The drugs will be prescribed only for medical reasons, regardless of of disability or other preferential status.

The anticoagulants will be available in the coming days. Expect other drugs starting 1 January.

Source: mos.ru

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