Ecology trail to connect observation decks in Yauza River's floodplain

June 11
Municipal services

The Yauza River's floodplain park located in the northeast of Moscow will have an ecology trail to connect the observation decks. Pevcheskoye Pole, an open-air stage, is currently under reconstruction. These works are part of the large-scale landscaping and improvement.

"The ecology trail is to be arranged in the area of the dismantled ski complex, near 5 Zapovednaya Street. This part of the Park has several hills that will be converted into observation decks connected by an ecology trail," said the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs. 

In total, four observation decks are to be arranged offering a view of the picturesque valleys of Yauza and Chermyanka rivers. They will be located at different heights, ranging between 1.5 and 10 m, with the largest octagonal observation deck located 10 m high, covering about 200 sq m. The other three 35 sq m decks are to be located below.

In total, the ecology route is to be about 400 m long. It will have larch flooring, handrails, park lighting poles and CCTV cameras installed.

In addition, the area of Pevcheskoye Pole open-air stage will have a three-stage terrace with the area of about 200 sq m leading down to Yauza River.

New life of Pevcheskoye Pole

Experts have already started Pevcheskoye Pole's reconstruction. Its amphitheatre with a stage used to host choir performances and musical festivals. The venue was opened more than 10 years ago, but the amphitheatre and the stage have fallen into disrepair.

"The original look, general layout and functional purpose of the open-air stage will remain the same. The amphitheatre will be upgraded, with benches replaced, retaining walls and steps repaired. The stage pavilion will also be completely renovated. Pevcheskoye Pole's area will remain unchanged, being about 1,500 sq m," the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs said.

Проектное решение

All the old stage constructions have been dismantled, new retaining walls are being built now, and new benches are to be made soon. As before, the amphitheatre will have 20 rows to accommodate more than 1,500 spectators. Performing artists will have two changing rooms with direct stage exits.

New lighting poles are to be installed along the stage's perimeter, and the stage pavilion will have architectural decorative lighting.

What else is to change in the park

The Park will also have roads and paths upgraded, trees and shrubs planted. Retaining walls and stairs will also be repaired. Park infrastructure will be adapted for people with disabilities. Also, there will be playgrounds arranged.

Проектное решение


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