E-Home crowdsourcing project results summed up

September 26, 2019
Social sector

On 20 September, the Moscow Government's E-Home crowdsourcing project was completed. For residents of apartment buildings, E-Home project is to become a convenient platform for joint house management.

More than 11,000 people took part in the discussion, with about 2,000 ideas proposed. Experts have selected 342 final ideas to be implemented.

'In ten days, E-Home participants have made a tremendous amount of work. Thanks to crowdsourcing projects of the Moscow Government and active involvement of residents, we can develop products and change the existing institutions based on real requests and needs of Muscovites,' said Alexander Pishchelko, Head of the New Management Technologies SPI.

E-Home is a communication service for neighbours. Tenants of apartment buildings can use it to conduct surveys and receive new information about the house through apps, e-mail or text messages. It is also helpful to organise homeowners meetings.

crowd.mos.ru has been operating for 5 years. The crowdsourcing technology enables citizens to participate in Moscow's development, offer their own projects.

Over the years, more than 145,000 Muscovites have become co-authors of 17 projects, including 'Moscow Longevity', 'Moscow Polyclinics', 'My Library', 'My Public Services Office', ‘Moscow Museums’ and others. Of the 92,000 ideas proposed, experts have brought up about 2,800 concepts for general voting.

Since September, Active Citizen mobile app has 'Crowdsourcing Projects of the Moscow Government' section. You are welcome to propose your Moscow development ideas within the projects launched on crowd.mos.ru.


Source: mos.ru

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