Drone races and ten skate parks: Spectacular sports events on City Day

August 23
Parks and pedestrian areas

Moscow will be celebrating its 873rd anniversary on 5-6 September. The organisers in charge of the occasion have put together a special programme for outdoor leisure lovers at 12 locations, including skate parks. Training sessions are stipulated for Stand Up and Paddle (SUP) surfing enthusiasts. Adults and children will be able to watch thrilling drone races and even get an opportunity to actually fly the drones themselves. Large skate parks will be made available at ten special locations, including the 16th Residential Area of Zelenograd, at the intersection of the Yurovskaya and Sokolovo-Meshcherskaya streets, in a public garden near Golyanovsky Pond, on the Mitinskaya, Gorodetskaya, Svyatoozyorskaya, Klyuchevaya, Profsoyuznaya and Matveyevskaya streets and also on Pererva Street. Each skate park will be unique in itself. Skaters will have to get around figures and structures of varying height and complexity. It’s expected that both experienced people and beginners will get on and really have a good time at these facilities. Skate parks will be decked out with various zones, bowls, concrete obstacles and other things suitable for all kinds of fancy stunts and jumps.

Instructors will explain to rookies about the safety regulations and will help them master some easy stunts. Adults and children over six years old can visit skate parks and ride BMX bicycles, balance bikes, push-bikes, roller skates and skate boards there. People should bring their own protective and sports gear with them and should wear helmets plus knee and elbow guards.

Those who like aquatic sports should head for Tsentralnaya Square in the Moskovsky Rural District. Adults and children over six years old will be able to SUP (Stand Up and Paddle)-surf there. Coaches will be standing by to help beginners. A special 25-metre long and seven-metre wide pool is to be built. The artificial area of water and adjacent space will resemble a pond in Apothecary  Garden. All essential gear, including life jackets will be handed out by the pool. 

Children and adults will be allowed to launch drones on Tsentralnaya Square and perform several breath-taking stunts. After donning a special virtual reality (VR) helmet, it will be possible to watch video footage from the drone’s cameras. Experienced pilots will test-fly their drones, and a drone race is also scheduled to take place. Competitors will show how to bypass obstacles at high speeds.

Those interested in this event must register in advance using the relevant hyperlink on the Moscow Seasons website as soon as possible. The complete programme will also be available there. People should observe social distancing, and all the instructors will have to wear PPE.

The 2020 City Day celebrations will be dedicated to the city museums. Events are to be held at over 40 locations throughout the city and in its parks. People will get a wonderful chance to take part in historical reenactments, games and also workshops. Moscow museums will put on special exhibitions.

Source: mos.ru

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