Dream Island’s glass dome rated as Europe’s largest

November 26, 2020
Construction and renovation

The glass dome over the central square of the Dream Island entertainment park in Moscow has been declared the largest in Europe by the editorial staff of the European Records Book. The structure was previously recognised as the largest glass dome in Russia.

“The central dome of the Dream Island, a very complicated structure in its class and the first such project in Russia, was built to the combined German-Russian Mero-MArchI technology standards. It is a reasonably light-weight aluminium lattice resembling a honeycomb. This technology makes it possible to reduce the assembly period by up to 30 percent. Unlike steel truss structures, honeycomb structures look light-weight and airy so that visitors feel as if they are outdoors and can see the sky above,” said Konstantin Golubev, head of the Dream Island project.

The area of the 35-metre-high central dome is 8,600 square metres. It is nearly seven times larger than the glass dome over the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan and 2.5 times larger than the dome of Berlin’s Reichstag.

In all, there are seven glass domes over the Dream Island with an aggregate area of 28,000 square metres. They capture the maximum amount of daylight available over the promenade lined with cafes, restaurants and shops directly at the entrance to the thematic park. The promenade has been designed to resemble streets in the world’s most beautiful cities: London, Rome, Barcelona and Beverly Hills.

The design, manufacture and installation of the dome proceeded in stages that lasted 18 months altogether. First, over 100 sections were assembled on the ground and auxiliary steel structures for the pillars that would hold the sections were installed, after which the sections were assembled. At the last stage, glass units were mounted and insulated with silicone seals.

The Dream Island is Russia’s first and Europe’s largest roofed entertainment park with nine thematic areas and 27 extreme, family and children’s amusement rides, many of which are second to none in Russia and Europe.

Source: mos.ru

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