Donors have already donated 10 tons of plasma with COVID-19 antibodies

February 20

Donors donated 10 tons of plasma with coronavirus infection antibodies in Moscow since April 2020.

“Moscow has been stocking up plasma for treatment of coronavirus patients for 10 months and now the amount of plasma in storage facilities totals 10 tons. This was made possible thanks to Moscow residents who recovered from the new infection — over 13 thousand people become donors”,— informed the press service of Moscow Complex of Social Development.

Plasma transfusion is a potentially effective coronavirus treatment. Moscow hospitals started using it in April 2020. Last autumn, the COVID-19 Clinical Committee approved a unified standard for the hospital treatment of coronavirus patients. Plasma is used for treatment of moderate to severe coronavirus-infected patients at hospitals.

Plasma transfusion is a complex therapy constituent method. The effect is ensured through specific antibodies contained in plasma. They help neutralize the virus. A decision to use this procedure is taken by the attending physician depending on the patient’s state of health.

People who recovered from COVID-19 and are 18 to 55 years old may be plasma donors (the donor’s weight should be over 50 kilograms). The Mayor of Moscow established an incentive amounting to five thousand rubles for those who donate plasma with COVID-19 antibodies. Donors also receive compensation for food worth of 1212 rubles.

To become a donor, contact the hotline by phone: +7 (495) 870-45-16. It works daily from 09:00 till 19:00. Detailed information can be also found on Moscow Health Department website. Here, a potential donor can fill out a questionnaire. The initial check will help determine whether the candidate has temporary or absolute contraindications to donation.



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