Does something hurt?: using a chatbot, describe your symptoms to a doctor before the visit

April 4

This February, a new service for citizens and general practitioners of the capital clinical hospitals, i.e. an artificial intelligence chatbot, was launched due to the unified digital healthcare platform in Moscow. Using the chatbot, a patient can describe the symptoms and complaints even before visiting a doctor. Since the start of the project, Muscovites have received almost 200,000 links to the chatbot complaint collection survey.

The users do not have to download any additional applications to use the chatbot. After making an appointment with a general practitioner, just follow the link from the SMS message or push notification that pops up on the patient’s mobile device before the visit. Then you need to indicate complaints and answer questions in a special survey form.

The chatbot is integrated with the unified medical information analysis system and all complaints are recorded in the examination protocol, so the doctor can analyze all the information received as the visit starts. This helps to quickly assess the patient’s complaints and form the questions needed to clarify diagnosis. During the visit, the doctor clarifies the information received using the chatbot and, if necessary, revises it. The general practitioner spends about 30 percent of total time of the visit to form medical history. Thanks to the chatbot, this time can be almost halved so that more time is spent to examine a patient, perform diagnostic testing, and assign a therapy.

The operation algorithms were developed using anonymised data from electronic medical records, reference books, and databases. Practitioners were involved in creating the service along with IT specialists. They developed clarifying questions and tested the service.

The unified digital healthcare platform was developed by the Moscow Healthcare Department and Department of Information Technologies. Thanks to this project, dozens of services have already been put into practice that simplify access to all types of medical care for the city dwellers and enhance work of doctors of various disciplines.


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