Doctors made 2.8 million assessments of COVID-19 patients using calculation app

September 12

They used the News2 calculation app to make over 2.8 million assessments of COVID-19 patients’ clinical condition. The application helps doctors make decisions faster and more accurately, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development.

“In the course of curbing the new coronavirus infection, we accumulated unique experience in making and prompt implementing management decisions, organizing effective health care, and using advanced digital technologies. From the very beginning of the pandemic, it was fundamentally important to provide doctors with services that facilitate decision-making, accelerate diagnosing, and help predict risks of patient deteriorating. While treating coronavirus patients it is important to monitor illness progress. To this end, we implemented the News2 calculation app in reserve hospitals and in-patient facilities where COVID-19 patients are treated. It allows both to assess the treatment effectiveness and take preventive measures where the disease is beginning to progress. News2 turned out to be in great demand — it was used to make 2.8 million assessments of patients’ condition. It is important that the final decision on the course of treatment is always made by the doctor, and the application is only a supporting means,” said Anastasia Rakova.

The application is based on the international method of detecting and responding to clinical deterioration in patients, according to the NEWS2 scale. The application is a long established service; it was digitized to become more convenient and accessible.

How doctors interact with News2 app

To work with the system, doctors use tablets with specialized software. The doctor reads the QR code from the patient identification bracelet or from the identification sheet and enters physiological measurements into the app: pulse rate, oxygen saturation, systolic blood pressure, body temperature and respiration rate.

The displayed scores are summed up to form a total score which represents the current risk group of the patient. Risk levels have different colors on the table screen to indicate illness severity and alert doctors. If the patient deteriorates, the doctor decides to change the course of treatment, make additional examinations or escalate to critical care.

Thanks to integrating the News2 app into the UMIAS, results of the patient risk assessment are immediately entered into the patient’s electronic medical record in the hospital. This means that all protocols and results of examinations and observations are always available to doctors. They can assess both the current state of the patient and the disease trend.

Implementation of such solutions became possible thanks to a unified digital health care platform developed by Moscow social development complex and Department of Information Technology. It helps doctors and patients use a variety of services that save time, as well as make examinations and treatment easier and more comfortable.


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