Doctors at telemedicine centre conduct over 820,000 consultations

December 28, 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, doctors at the telemedicine centre have conducted more than 820,000 consultations for patients with the coronavirus and participants in the Sputnik V post-registration vaccine trial, according to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

“We created the telemedicine centre this spring especially for patients with COVID-19 who have mild symptoms and are getting treated at home. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the doctors have already conducted more than 820,000 online consultations for patients with the coronavirus and participants in the COVID-19 post-registration vaccine trial. Online monitoring significantly reduces the burden on the medical system without sacrificing the quality of medical care and allows us to competently organise work at a time when all resources count,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the telemedicine centre's specialists have conducted more than 660,000 consultations for patients with COVID-19 and over 155,000 consultations for participants in the Russian vaccine trial.

Doctors communicate with patients by video link or by phone, assess their condition, record vital signs, give the necessary recommendations or can adjust the treatment. If a doctor notes that a patient's condition is getting worse, he or she may decide that an in-person examination or hospitalisation is necessary.

All information about the course of the disease and the dynamics of a patient's vital signs are recorded in electronic medical records and are available to a doctor in real time.


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