Digital diagnostic aide to be used by doctors

October 5, 2020

All adult polyclinics in Moscow are adding a new tool to their digital healthcare support system, which will speed up the referral for diagnosing based on a preliminary diagnosis. This will improve the quality of diagnostics plus try and help patients avoid wasting time.

“We are encouraging Moscow polyclinics to add a new tool to the digital healthcare support system. I am referring to package diagnosing orders. While giving a preliminary diagnosis, the software suggests a maximally full range of tests needed for further diagnostics. A pilot project implemented by four city polyclinics has already shown that the tool reduces the selection of diagnostic tests from two-odd minutes to a mere 15 seconds. In this way, a specialist can devote more time to patients, while the latter will be able to book for a range of tests based on a doctor’s prescription. The new tool is designed to improve the medical aid standards at the basic level and will contribute to early diagnosing,” explained Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

Currently, package assignments are available for 54 groups of diagnoses, or 90 percent of applications consequent on emergence diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and coronary heart disease. Based on clinical recommendations for each preliminary diagnosis, the algorithm suggests a list of mandatory laboratory and instrumental tests and specialist consultations. This makes it possible to avoid overlooking even the slightest details that will be of help in giving a correct diagnosis.

The algorithm also suggests an additional list of assignments, each with its own indications for use. A package may be expanded at a doctor’s discretion.

Just one appointment with a doctor will suffice for determining the range of all needed tests. A patient will be supplied with a full list of assignments and instructions on how to prepare for the required procedures. This will save a lot of time. Patients can make an appointment with a doctor, sign up for tests in line with his or her instructions, and put off or cancel an appointment by using remote channels, such as, Moscow State Services and EMIAS.INFO mobile apps, or through other ways.

The digital support project was designed by the Information Technology Department and the Department of Healthcare and has been implemented on the basis of EMIAS since late 2019.  Underlying the system are clinical protocols drawn up by the chief specialists of Moscow jointly with federal experts on the basis of clinical recommendations and international standards.


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