Designers offer 38 new AI services for Moscow healthcare

November 30, 2020
Safety and security

The first results of a project launched to create and implement high technologies in the social sphere have been reviewed in Moscow.

“Last year we launched an experiment to introduce artificial intelligence and digital vision in the Moscow healthcare system. We were the first to implement a large-scale project of this kind at hospitals based on real images. It is important that we are already using these services at healthcare facilities in the test mode,” Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said at a meeting with the designers of AI services and representatives of IT companies.

She added that the experiment was ongoing in four research areas for nearly a year.

“The 21 companies taking part in the project have already proposed 38 such services. We plan to expand the experiment by enhancing the standards and increasing the number of the companies involved, the areas where AI services can be used, and the number of medical facilities and doctors taking part in the experiment,” Anastasia Rakova pointed out.

She noted that Moscow was ready to implement new technologies because it has the necessary infrastructure. The city also plans to stop using non-digital hardware altogether and will buy the necessary medical equipment in the near future.

Anastasia Rakova noted that the digital contour of the Moscow healthcare system was almost complete: outpatient clinics and the ambulance service have been connected to the Unified Medical Information Analysis System (UMIAS) and work is underway to connect the hospitals as well. The Deputy Mayor added that a working group of healthcare digitalisation would be created and would include doctors and designers.

The meeting was also attended by Head of the Moscow Healthcare Department Alexei Khripun, Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technology Vladimir Makarov and Director of the Centre for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Sergei Morozov.

The Moscow Government initiated an experiment to introduce artificial intelligence in the healthcare system in late 2019. This is one of the first open city initiatives to attract innovative companies to the creation and implementation of high-tech services in the social sphere.

Artificial intelligence integrated in the Unified Radiological Information Service (URIS) of the UMIAS system is being used at Moscow’s medical facilities to analyse several kinds of radiological tests, such as computer tomography, diagnostic radiology, mammography and fluorography. These tests are made to diagnose pneumonia, breast cancer, lung cancer and other kinds of pulmonary pathology, as well as COVID-19.


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