Delicacies under the hammer: Fish Week festival to hold a unique auction

May 29

On 29 May, Fish Week festival visitors will have an opportunity to participate in a real auction. Moscow gourmets will be offered to buy yellowfin tuna, Yakut broad whitefish and other fish delicacies under the hammer.

The auction will be held 06:00 pm till 08:00 pm near the fish market located on the passageway between Manezhnaya and Revolutsii Squares. The starting price will be much lower than the wholesale one. The bidders will have to raise the bet every time by at least RUB 50. The winner is the one to offer the highest price.

It is the second time that the festival holds a fish auction. Last year, a 50 kg tuna came under the hammer. This year, a yellowfin tuna weighing 50 to 70 kg will be delivered from Sri Lanka by a special flight.

Tender and low-calorie tuna flesh hardly has that specific fish taste and smell; it is rich in protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins B, iron and other nutrients. Make sushi, sashimi and steaks, or just fry each side for two minutes.

The next item is a legendary broad whitefish found in the waters of Arctic rivers — Lena, Indigirka, Kolyma and others. Its flesh is oily and tasty, though it is listed as a dietary product, as 100 g of broad whitefish contains only 88 kcal. It will make a perfect stroganina (thin-sliced frozen fish), as there are no small bones.
Seafood lovers will also have an opportunity to treat themselves to two kinds of shrimp. Amaebi are famous for their delicate sweet taste. They are perfect for grilling. You may also eat them raw or add to sashimi.

Humpback shrimps, or 'botan ebi' ('peony' in Japanese), owe their name to their beautiful look and reddish colour. An average shrimp weighs 120 g, so just three or four shrimps are enough to have a good meal. They catch shrimps in deep waters and freeze them right on the ship.
Clarias will be the last item of the auction. This fish is found mainly in Africa and South Asia, but a special farm in the Moscow region supplies the capital with this delicacy. No additives are used in clarias breeding, as this fish grows quickly in the wild never getting sick. Fry it, bake or smoke, make patties or fish sausages. 100 g of clarias contains no more than 102 kcal.

Fish Week gourmet festival is held for the fifth time. You are welcome to participate in master classes and try fish delicacies at seven venues in the Moscow centre 11:00 am till 09:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekends.

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