Deer farm and kayaking: group excursion programs of the Ruspass service

April 1
Tourism and travels

The Ruspass digital tourist service has now launched programs for Moscow, Moscow Region, Kolomna, Tver, Khabarovsk Krai and the Sakhalin Region group sightseeing guided tours. There are currently nine offers available for booking, and more are coming soon.

Excursions last from a couple of hours to a whole day. You can choose an informative sightseeing tours, an entertainment program for the whole family or a vacation for those who love nature. Detailed information about each offer will help you make a choice: here you can find the season, time and duration of the tour, the recommended age of participants, the availability of an audio guide, the program, as well as the organizing partner.

So, a real adventure in nature awaits the group at one of the excursions in the Moscow region — participants will take a dog sledding ride along the bank of the Moskva River. The offer will be interesting for fans of extreme recreation, as it includes kayaking. For those who prefer to relax in nature in a quiet environment ‘Exciting Sakhalin Fishing’ tour will be more suitable.

Among the new offers is a gastronomic program. Participants of the excursion to Tver will learn about the origin of authentic dishes and drinks and will taste them. The program also includes a sightseeing tour of the city and visit to a deer farm.

For those traveling to distant regions of Russia it is now possible to book a Khabarovsk bus tour, as well as Sakhalin tours.

To book a group tour on the Ruspass service, you should submit a booking request. Then the travel manager will contact the traveler and reserve seats.

The service users can create an extended trip program. One can add individual routes to the excursions by choosing visits to the landmarks presented on the service. To do this, just find the travel region and then add the desired sightseeing attractions to the trip plan.

Additionally, when using the Ruspass service, you can buy plane or train tickets in advance, and book a hotel. These features allow you to organize your trip conveniently and quickly.

The Russpass digital travel service helps planning trips around Russia. Here you can buy train tickets and air tickets, book a hotel, a table at a restaurant and many other things. The user can create an individual route or use a ready-made offer. All Russian regions signed Cooperation Agreement with the Russpass digital travel service. More than 1,5 thousand travel options are available including tours and exclusive travel itineraries. All the landmarks can be viewed on the interactive map of Ruspass.

This service is supervised by the Moscow Committee for Tourism jointly with the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow.


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