Decor fragments and historical fireplaces: first discoveries in clerk Ukraintsev’s palace

May 1

While studying clerk Ukraintsev’s palace, a federally significant cultural heritage site, the experts discovered several historical elements. The building is located at: 7-9/1-3 Khokhlovsky Lane.

“Preparation of the project to restore clerk Ukraintsev’s palace is a serious matter which should be dutifully addressed. For the time being, experts are making a profound study of all the materials, recording special features of the significant site and preparing a list of solutions to preserve it. Just a very short while ago, a number of discoveries to be considered in the restoration project has been made. The experts discovered the decor of semi-columns, fragments of the upper cornice, cast-iron mantelpieces and a glazed tile stove, Aleksey Emelyanov, Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage said.

The discovered decor of semi-columns was hidden under the plaster applied during later repairs. The experts noted its partial undamaged condition, the undamaged fragments need conservation and restoration. Fragments of upper cornice and semi-columns were discovered while studying the roof void of the palace yard part. Cast-iron mantelpieces and a glazed tile stove were found in the rooms of the palace and the adjacent building of the Director’s house of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs archive (7-9/3 Khokhlovsky Lane).

The stone palace was built in the last third of the 17th century. Before 1686–1708 it was owned by Emelyan Ukraintsev, a Russian statesman, Duma clerk and diplomat. After his decease, the palace passed into the ownership of Mikhail Golitsyn, a field marshal (1709–1730). Later, the building was owned by princess Tatyana Golitsyna (nee Kurakina) and prince Aleksandr Golitsyn (1757–1768). From 1768 to 1875 the building accommodated the Collegium of Foreign Affairs archive and later on, the Russian Musical Society. In 1882–1903, Pyotr Yurgenson, a note publisher, was living here.

Scientific-research and survey work is carried out at the expense of private investors of Khokhlovka Art Neighborhood controlled by Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.


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