'Day Without Turnstiles' and 'Young Moscow Entrepreneur' projects are the Choice of the Year winners

November 6, 2019
Economy and entrepreneurship

'Day Without Turnstiles' campaign and 'Young Moscow Entrepreneur' forum won the 'Choice of the Year' competition as the Best Business Events. The competition was held within the Russian Open Event Expo that took place on 29-30 October in Simferopol. 'Day Without Turnstiles' won the 1st Class diploma, while 'Young Moscow Entrepreneur' was awarded the 3rd Class diploma.

The winning projects have been developed by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. Their main goal is career guidance for Muscovites of any age.

'Young Moscow Entrepreneur'

'Young Moscow Entrepreneur' was launched this year. Attended by some 15,000 schoolchildren and students, the forum aims to provide inspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to feel like experienced businessmen, come up with startups, develop business models and launch their own projects.

'Moscow Government prioritises development of human capital and provides educational support. 'Young Moscow Entrepreneur' forum, part of the big project ‘Business Weekend’, is a good example of learning the basics of business. Over the year, 24,000 schoolchildren and students have attended the one-day 'Business Weekend' training sessions, after which a thousand of the best ones continued their training in the seed accelerator to work on their own startups. I believe that this opportunity helps young entrepreneurs both improve their skills, and put them into practice as efficiently as possible,' said Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations Alexei Fursin.

'Day Without Turnstiles'

On the 'Day Without Turnstiles', Muscovites can visit Moscow's best innovative enterprises. The campaign has been held since 2012. Over the time, it has been attended by some 100,000 people, with more than 200 Moscow companies taking part.

People of any age can participate in the 'Day Without Turnstiles' program. Attendees are introduced to innovative technology, offered tours, master classes, literary readings and lectures.

Source: mos.ru

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