Curtain for Hamlet: # Moskvastoboy will tell you about Vladimir Vysotsky and David Borovsky

April 24

You can see sketches and scenery for performances with the participation of Vladimir Vysotsky and get acquainted with the biography of the scenewright David Borovsky on the new video excursion of the Bakhrushin Theater Museum.  It was published on the media platform # Moskvastoboy.

In course of online excursion named The Creative Workshop of the Theater Artist D.L. Borovsky you will be told about his work on Hamlet (1971) and Crime and Punishment (1978) theater productions, as well as about the stage play Vladimir Vysotsky (1981), that was first presented on the anniversary of the poet and actor death.

During excursion you will see pencil-type camera reports made by the artist, and photos of different scenes from the performances. In addition, actor Veniamin Smekhov will share his memories of friendship and work with Borovsky and Vysotsky.

They will also show a photo of the scene from the beginning of the stage play Hamlet on which Vladimir Vysotsky, Veniamin Smekhov and Alla Demidova are depicted. You will be able to learn about the costumes features and hear the story of the self-moving curtain appearance that was invented by David Borovsky. The curtain in Hamlet was a full participant in the action: moving chaotically up and down the stage, it symbolized fate and destiny.

Part of the video excursion will be dedicated to the farewell ceremony with Vladimir Vysotsky held at the Taganka Theater on July 28, 1980. According to the idea of David Borovsky, it was supposed to take place in an empty auditorium, and those who wanted to say goodbye to the actor would go through the stage.

Also, the participants of the excursion will be told how the play Vladimir Vysotsky was created. According to the idea of director Yuri Lyubimov, it consisted of the theater actors’ dialogue and the voice of Vysotsky in the role of Hamlet. Users will be shown models of the stage space of the hall.

# Moskvastoboy is a project of the Moscow Committee for Tourism that started working in March 2020. On this platform, you can listen to lectures, watch theater productions, cooking shows, and online excursions. The English version of the #Moscowwithyou project is available.


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