Curators of Time. What the new exhibition at Moscow Kremlin Museums will tell

July 12

On 12 July, the exhibition halls of the Assumption Belfry and the Patriarch's Palace will open the 'Curators of Time. Restoration at Moscow Kremlin Museums' exhibition. The guest will learn what the Kremlin’s restoration experts have been working on in the last five years. 

“Our museum keeps a unique collection of royal regalia, part of which has been restored. Many things have been kept in the storerooms and will appear before the public for the first time. Besides, the project is very important for a future museum since all the exhibits will subsequently join the expositions of the museum in the Red Square,” said Yelena Gagarina, Director General of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

The exhibition will demonstrate old icons, monarchs’ personal belongings, including the diamond crowns of tsars Ivan and Peter (the future Peter the Great) the Alekseyevichs, a renaissance era helmet, parade weaponry, horse harness, and jewellery crafted by Russian and foreign masters. A special place is held by the icon 'Sophia, Divine Wisdom' of the early 15th century. Specialists in metal working, textile and paper manufacturing, oil and tempera painting took part in the restoration of those items.

The exhibition will be accompanied by multimedia music to give guests an insight into the museum restorers’ work. The exposition will be open till 13 October.

The restoration workshops have been operating at the Moscow Kremlin Museums since 1963. Their experts tackle assignments of any complexity. The museums themselves have the richest collection of icons, textiles, weaponry, jewellery, books and historical documents.


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