CultSummer: What Moscow cultural centres have in store for the summer

June 6

CultSummer city summer programme starts in Moscow. Educational and entertainment workshops and clubs will open in 167 cultural centres of the Moscow Department of Culture. At the workshops, you can learn to play the drums, draw in grattage technique and even get familiar with some film-related professions.

''This is the third CultSummer so far. It will run until 31 August. It will offer workshops and comprehensive courses for citizens of all ages: children, teenagers, and adults. You can both learn new things and have fun and learn basic skills in some creative professions," Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina said.

All courses will be delivered in the intensive mode, that is, you will need to come to classes every day. This will give you the opportunity to fully immerse in creative or scientific activities or learn the skills for some professions such as an actor or a journalist.

''The intensive courses last from two days to two months. By the way, parents will be able to leave their children in the cultural centre for half a day or longer — depending on the educational program," said the Press Service of the Moscow Directorate for the Development of Cultural Centres of the Moscow Department of Culture.

All in all, there are 800 courses for children and adults. More than a half of them will be free. You can sign up by calling the nearest cultural centre. The full list of workshops and clubs is available on the website of the Moscow Directorate for the Development of Cultural Centres.

For instance, the Moskvorechye Cultural Centre invites children aged 5 and older and adults to attend applied art classes to run until 7 June. The citizens will learn the basics of scraperboard. It is a drawing technique where you scratch paper or cardboard covered with a thin layer of ink and wax with a pen or other sharp tool. In addition, participants will try their hand at creating unique drawings using monotype. It is a printing technique that combines elements of painting, printmaking and drawing. An artist applies the image on any flat surface with paints and then imprints it on paper. You can leave the image unchanged or add any necessary details.

Until 28 June, the Orekhwards city camp will start in the Orekhovo Club. There will be four sessions or faculties where children aged 7 to 15 will learn the basics of some professions. Thus, at the theatre and cinema faculty children will get familiar with the history of cinema, learn acting skills and scenic speech as well as try themselves as screenwriters and film directors. The faculty of local history and tourism will tell the students about Russia's geographical and cultural features and interesting facts of Moscow history. In addition, the children will learn about what professions will be the most popular in the near future. During Advertising and PR session, the children will learn to write slogans, draw logos and do interviews. The final Information Technology session will provide participants with the opportunity to come up with an idea of an IT-business project, build a team and attract investors.

On top of all this, the animation workshop will start on 10 June at the Moskvich Cultural Centre. Children aged 7 to 10 will have 10 days to make an animated film using three techniques that they will be taught during the first week of the workshop: claymation, object and sand animations. At the end of the session, there will be the first showing of the cartoon to parents and friends.

For older people there is a drawing course in the Sovremennik Club running from 22 to 26 July. The participants will learn the basic skills of watercolour and gouache painting and draw a still life.

The Severny Cultural Centre invites people aged 30 to 60 to take part in a 5-day course to practise couple dances such as polonaise, rumba, cha-cha-chá and others. The classes will be divided into two sessions: 22 – 26 July and 19 – 23 August.

For children interested in architecture there is an Arch Lab creative course at the Berendei Cultural Centre  available from 19 to 22 August. The participants will develop their spatial intelligence, learn to feel the proportions and colour. The children will learn drawing and design basics: they will create 3D figures of paper, cardboard and plastic, design building models and sketch interior designs. Apart from that, they can learn the history of architecture and get acquainted with the works by famous masters of different eras. The course is for children and teenagers between 7 and 17.

CultSummer city program was launched in 2017. Last year, the project included classes for adults. All in all more than 15,000 citizens have already visited these classes.

In the last few years, Moscow has been promoting opportunities for children's recreation and free time during their summer holidays. For example, Moscow Session programme will start on 3 June. Young Muscovites aged 7 to 14 will be offered three sessions, each of them at least 21 days long. The first session (educational, recreational and social) started in June, with the second session (recreational and social) in July and the third (social) one in August.


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