Crocuses, tulips and hyacinths: Thousands of flowers planted at VDNKh ahead of spring

December 1, 2020
Parks and pedestrian areas

Preparations for the 2021 spring flower season are now completed at VDNKh. After the warm weather arrives, visitors will be able to admire the blossoming of large-flowering crocuses, Scilla, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, onions, narcissi and, of course, tulips.

All these flowers are bulb-grown and bulbo-tuber plants, which are usually planted before the first snowfalls. Gardening specialists prepared the soil prior to autumn planting using about 520 cubic metres of organic fertiliser to improve the quality and structure of the ground.

Tulips account for over 70 percent of all the planted flowers, of which there are more than 500,000. VDNKh boasts 50 individual and selected tulip varieties that can be seen on its Central Alley, near the Main Entrance Arch, the Worker and Collective Farm Woman Pavilion, Moskvarium, the House of Culture, the Palace of Marriages, the Timiryazevsky and Ryazansky public gardens and other areas.

Next spring, tulips will also bloom as part of the display Big Field Picture, which will also feature crocuses, decorative onions, Muscari plants, narcissi and Siberian squills.

These flowers form a reproduction of Vasily Kandinsky’s picture Small Worlds I. The diverse plants bloom from early spring to late autumn and therefore gradually change the composition’s colours and hues, mostly variations of blue, violet, yellow and red.

It will be possible to see over one million flowers at the main national exhibition throughout spring. They include perennials, wild-growing and bulb-grown plants. Over 300 flower species and more than 100 tree varieties grow at VDNKh.

The National Exhibition Centre is a unique public space which was established over 80 years ago. It comprises 49 cultural heritage landmarks, including historical pavilions and fountains. The exhibition’s total area is over 325 hectares.

 Photos courtesy of the VDNKh Press Service


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