COVID-19 vaccination begins in Moscow

September 10
Сoronavirus: official information

Vaccination of Muscovites against the coronavirus has begun as part of the post-registration trial. The first volunteers have already been injected with the vaccine at participating healthcare facilities, according to Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.  

“This is an important day, not only for the city but for the entire country. As part of the post-registration trial, the first group of Moscow residents can get inoculated against COVID-19, bringing us closer to the moment when the vaccine becomes available to everybody. The first trial participants have already received the jab,” the deputy mayor commented.

The vaccine is administered in two phases. The volunteers receive the first component and wait 21 days before getting the second dose as the two jabs contain different active ingredients. The two-stage inoculation is required to strengthen the immune response.

Forty thousand people can volunteer to take part in the post-registration clinical trials and get the COVID-19 vaccine free of charge.

“The number of volunteers is growing daily. The vaccine has created quite a stir. More than 35,000 Muscovites have already applied. Six healthcare facilities are currently studying the COVID-19 vaccine. Their number will eventually increase to 20,” Anastasia Rakova added.

On 7 September, Moscow launched medical examinations of the first volunteers who applied to participate in the coronavirus vaccine research. Following the examinations and test results, doctors will select applicants who have no contraindications.

Healthcare workers will maintain constant contact with the volunteers by phone, via a special mobile app or using telemedicine technology, in case any of the participants start feeling unwell.

The research is necessary in order to obtain permanent official approval and expand the range of potential vaccine recipients – for example, to include people over 60. The study will continue for 6 months.

Two stages of the clinical trials have been completed successfully confirming the vaccine’s safety. The vaccine does not contain the virus itself; therefore, it is impossible to contract the virus from the vaccine or transmit it to others. The recipients have already developed antibodies which generate an immune response. It is important to note that the body’s reaction to the vaccine is similar to its response to an ordinary immunisation jab.


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