COVID-19 in Moscow diagnosed with AI

May 14, 2020
Science and innovation

Doctors in Moscow outpatients’ clinics and hospitals are using AI technology to diagnose the coronavirus. Over a period of two weeks it was possible to process about 30,000 CT scans.

“During the epidemic in the city automatic data processing and AI technology is helping to save not only the resources of the medical personnel but also speeding up the diagnosing process. Over the past couple of weeks or so around 30,000 coronavirus tests were dealt with using AI. This technology is widely being used in hospitals and CT centres where the main flow of patients suspected of having contracted COVID-19 is currently concentrated. The accuracy of identifying stages of pneumonia by CT scans is 90 percent,” said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

By downloading a CT scan at their work stations doctors can see a tentative conclusion using AI. If some signs of pneumonia are present, the test results are highlighted in red and possible infected areas are marked directly on the image of the lungs. Doctors themselves carry out the final diagnosis though.

AI programmes work on the basis of a single radiological service, to which all outpatients’ clinics and hospitals are connected. It means that the outpatients’ clinics, city hospitals as well as the doctors from private and federal COVID-19 centres have access to the CT tests.

Moscow has 48 outpatient CT centres to diagnose ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection), community-acquired pneumonia and the suspected novel coronavirus infection. They are functioning in the city outpatients' clinics having CT rooms. The core objective of such centres is to reduce the load on Moscow’s hospitals and cut down on the waiting time in the hospitals’ admission units amid the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to computer tomography, these centres carry out additional diagnoses of patients with suspected COVID-19: take blood tests, ECG, take swabs to identify the coronavirus and perform ultrasound scans, if need be. Such an approach not only enables pneumonia to be diagnosed, but also to determine its nature.

After the necessary tests are completed the doctors make the final diagnosis and based on the clinical findings decide, if the patient should be sent to hospital or if they should be treated at home. The centres operate round the clock. Computer tomography is prescribed by a doctor from an outpatients’ clinic or telemedicine centre of Moscow’s Health Department or the patients are driven to CT centres by ambulances.

More information on the coronavirus prevention and treatment is available. Call +7 (495) 870 4509 (daily from 8 am to 9 pm) or visit the special project section.


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