Correct errors in your parking fee payment through Moscow Parking mobile app

June 25

Moscow Parking mobile app has been updated. From now on, users can correct errors they made during the parking fee payment process.

Car drivers used to get fined for unpaid parking if they forgot to extend their parking session with their car staying in the parking lot longer than the allotted time, and if they gave incorrect car plate numbers or parking area number by mistake.

Now you can correct these errors. To do this, update the app in the App Store or in Google Play, to have Edit Completed Parking menu item in your app. Then select the parking session from those you had during the day, and edit the incorrect data.

Car owners can edit the time of parking completion, license plate and parking area number. This must be done before the end of the day the car was parked. It is important to have time to enter the correct data before 11:59 pm. If a driver corrects the mistake in time, he or she won't get fined.

You can only extend the parking session which naturally ended after the paid time. If you stop the session and leave earlier, you cannot use the function.

To correct mistakes, drivers need to install the app's updated version on their gadget. It is called now Parking Moscow New (after installation the service will be called Parking 2). You must remove the previous app version, as it is no longer downloadable and will eventually cease to be supported. Your parking account will be automatically transferred to the new app.

It was an expert community to offer the new function.

"The updated design and features of Moscow Parking New mobile app will facilitate parking fee payments. Car drivers will be fined for incorrect data filling not so often than before," Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov explained.

Moscow Parking mobile app was launched at the same time with the first paid parking areas in 2012. You may use it both to check the parking rates, pay for parking, check your fines, and find out a special parking lot your car has been moved to, buy a parking ticket and much more. The app has a map to help you find the nearest parking lots for drivers with disabilities, trucks, electric cars and other vehicles.

If you get wrongfully fined, you can challenge it on, just fill out the online form to apply to the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development on Avtokod. You may also personally contact one of the Moscow Transport service centres located at 20/1 Staraya Basmannaya Street and 25 1905 Goda Street. They are open daily 08:00 am till 08:00 pm.

For any Moscow paid parking issues, please call the Moscow Transport contact centre +7 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (mobile).


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