Coronavirus hospitals open in Sokolniki and Krylatskoye

October 12, 2020

A coronavirus hospital and observation facility has opened at the Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Centre at 7 5th Luchevoi Prosek (lane), bldg 1. Another hospital has opened at the Krylatskoye Ice Palace.

“Last spring, we created a range of reserve hospitals. These are not facilities that were put together in a rush, but very up-to-date infectious disease clinics fitted with all the latest equipment. They have mobile X-ray and CT systems, intensive care units with oxygen concentrators at each bed. The cafeterias, and discharge and admission facilities all work to the highest standards,” said Sergei Sobyanin during his visit to Sokolniki Hospital.

According to the Moscow Mayor, the decision to open hospitals in Sokolniki and Krylatskoye was based on the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the city.

“These are not separate clinics, they are part of leading Moscow hospitals that are engaged in combatting the coronavirus. These hospitals provided staff and equipment to the reserve hospitals. I am sure they will work efficiently and save many lives. These hospitals will admit patients with mild and moderate cases of COVID-19,” Mr Sobyanin said.

He also said that due to the increased cases of COVID-19, Moscow has taken a series of measures. Since 28 September, people over 65 and those with chronic diseases have been advised to stay home.

“An additional week has been added to the autumn break for school children. All enterprises have been instructed to shift most of their staff to remote work,” the Mayor said.

Sergei Sobyanin also noted that it was necessary to comply with the requirements of the sanitary doctors: “This is the key to stabilising the situation. It is very important. I ask everyone to follow the rules.”

In May 2020, it took only six weeks to readjust six pavilions in Sokolniki. At an area of 26,100 square metres an administrative building for social services and medical staff, as well as hospital blocks A and B for COVID-19 patients, and blocks V, G and D for observation facilities were built. If necessary, they can be turned into treatment facilities with oxygen systems and ICUs. The facilities are maintained by Moscow’s Department of Labour and Social Protection, while the medical staff will focus on the treatment of patients.

The call centre is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm. To learn about the condition of a patient, call the hotline at +7 495 870 7401.

The first patients will be admitted in the next few days.

Sokolniki Hospital: 47 doctors and an oxygen station

The hospital has advanced medical equipment, including five ultrasound devices, 18 ALV devices and a mobile high-resolution AIRO CT scanner. A laboratory with a capacity of 3,500-4,000 samples (tests) per day will be able to analyse biological materials. The wards have furniture, nurse call systems, oxygen administration devices, shower cabins, bathrooms and wash stands.

All medical personnel have tablets connected to the Integrated Medical Information and Analytical System (IMIAS). Using QR codes on patient bracelets, doctors can quickly access their electronic medical records and test results. Approximately 350 tablets have also been purchased for patients to watch movies and listen to music. The centre also has a Wi-Fi access point.

The 10 cubic metre oxygen station is connected to over 1,200 medical valves and over 30 consoles. Each bed, including the ones in the observation facility, has an individual medical gas administration device. There also are air filtering and purification devices. The hospital is divided into ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ zones with a disinfection chamber that prevents the spread of the virus.

Patients will be admitted through a section with 10 examination rooms and three reception desks. After the treatment, patients can leave the hospital through special zones equipped with showers and bathrooms.

In all, there will be 47 doctors, over 80 nurses and 60 medical attendants. They will be provided with a locker room, 33 shower cabins, 18 bathrooms with wash stands, and a lounge. Additional utility lines such as hot and cold water and a low current line will ensure the uninterrupted work of the hospital. In addition, ambulance cleaning and disinfecting points have been established on the grounds.

The planned capacity of Sokolniki Hospital is some 550 beds, including 18 beds in the intensive care unit. It is planned to use 342 beds at the time of the opening of the facility.

The hospital is managed by Inozemtsev City Hospital, a large multifaceted hospital whose doctors are experienced in treating coronavirus patients. Since 20 April, the clinic has admitted over 1,800 suspected COVID-19 patients.

According to Alexander Mitichkin, chief physician at Inozemtsev City Hospital, the facility has a separate diagnostics base. “We have all the necessary equipment for diagnostic radiology, including X-ray, CT and ultrasound. We have an entire lab block that allows for these tests at the site. We receive results in 20-40 minutes,” Alexander Mitichkin said.

According to Mitichkin, medical personnel have no difficulties in making timely diagnoses of of patients and predicting the development of the disease.

“If we see that the patient is recovering and has a positive dynamic, we can transfer them to the observation facility to finish the treatment. If the condition of a patient starts to decline, we need to foresee this and be ready to transfer them to the main facility into the intensive care unit,” he said.

Observation facility in Sokolniki

The pavilions adjacent to the hospital now host an observation facility. They will be used for temporary accommodation of patients who do not need to be in a hospital but cannot self-isolate at home.

The planned capacity of the observation facility is 650 beds for people between 18 and 65 without limited mobility.

The facility covers an area of over 15,900 square metres and has admission and discharge units, the temporary accommodation area has ‘quiet’ and ‘noisy’ lounges, as well as shower cabins and bathrooms. The rooms feature works by the participants of the Moscow Longevity programme and photos by traveler Dmitry Shparo.

Each patient will receive a brochure with the rules of stay, the daily regimen and a schedule for entertainment events. They can also request a tablet with preloaded entertainment content. Free Wi-Fi access will also be provided. In the ‘quiet’ lounge one can read a book or a magazine, play board games. In the ‘noisy’ lounge they can watch TV and take part in various entertainment and educational events, such as an online course by teachers from Moscow Longevity programme. If necessary, patients will be provided with remote or offline consultations by the Moscow service for psychological assistance.

The observation facility employs 423 people who will be working shifts. They are managed by the Moscow City Rehabilitation Centre of the Department of Labour and Social Protection, whose employees have a lot of experience in working with COVID patients.

Last February, the rehabilitation centre was one of the first facilities to be converted into an observation facility. After the training, experts worked in the red zone, helping make the stay of patients as comfortable as possible. No employee has caught the virus.

The observation facility has accommodated over 1,000 people. Since the beginning of the year, similar facilities under the Department of Labour and Social Protection have treated and accommodated over 8,500 people. As of 2 October, 231 people have stayed at Moscow’s observation centres.

Krylatskoye Hospital

The Krylatskoye Ice Palace was converted to a coronavirus hospital in April-May 2020. With an area of 23,400 square metres there are 1,347 beds and 42 ICU beds.

The clinic is equipped with advanced medical equipment, including five X-ray machines, five ultrasound devices, 42 ventilators, plus mobile and intraoperative CT scanners. In addition, there is an oxygen station with 1,347 medical valves and 42 medical consoles.

The hospital is fitted with air filtration, purification and climate control systems. It also has an express lab that can service up to 150 patients per day. The main lab tests will be conducted at the central lab in City Hospital No. 67.

The hospital wards have the necessary furniture, nurse call systems and each bed has an oxygen administration system. Patients can use shower cabins, bathrooms and wash stands.

The hospital is divided into the ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ zones via a disinfection section. It also has ambulance cleaning and disinfecting points.

The hospital will open with accommodations for 356 patients and 42 intensive care unit patients. The facility will employ 61 doctors and 90 nurses. The Krylatskoye Hospital is managed by Vorokhobov City Hospital No. 67 whose doctors have a extensive experience in treating COVID patients.


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