Convenient and fast: more than 300 million times Moscow residents have made an appointment at the doctor`s online

March 10

More than 300 million times Muscovites have arranged appointments at Moscow polyclinics online. The largest number of entries is made through the mobile applications EMIAS.INFO, Gosuslugi and My Moscow, as well as through the and EMIAS.INFO portals. 

“The appointment scheduling service is an essential part of the unified digital platform of Moscow health care, it helps to systematize the process of visiting health care organizations: it simplifies the work of doctors and administrators, and provides patients with a convenient appointment request at any time and from any device. Online appointment booking is now very popular among Moscow residents - the number of appointments with the doctors of polyclinics made via the Internet has exceeded 300 million. The share of citizens who prefer making appointments remotely is constantly increasing: in 2013 this figure was only seven percent of patients, and in the past 2020 - more than 71 percent,” said Vladimir Makarov, Deputy Head of the Moscow Information Technology Department for Digitalization of Social Development Complex.

Over the past five years, the annual increase in the number of users accessing the online appointment request service has been 10 percent. At the same time, the leader for the number of bookings among all existing channels is the mobile application EMIAS.INFO - 23 percent of the total number of appointments made as of today.

“Online medical appointment fixing is currently one of the most popular services on Every month Moscow people turn to it on average 650 thousand times. The service allows you not only to make an appointment with a doctor, but also to manage your appointment - to cancel or reschedule it, and also gives you the opportunity to take care of your family members - to arrange a visit to a doctor for your child or several children at the same time, choosing a convenient time for the appointment," said Elena Shinkaruk, chairman of the Committee of public services of the city of Moscow.

Online appointment booking at clinics is the very first, basic service of EMIAS, which was introduced in 2012. Initially, Moscow residents could make an appointment with a doctor through the registration desk, infomats and a unified call center. Then, in 2012, the first opportunity to fixe an appointment online through the portal appeared.

Every year, more and more digital channels were opened for residents of Moscow to let them arrange appointments at the doctor`s in the online format. So, in 2013 the service became available on the EMIAS.INFO portal. In 2014, an online appointment booking service also appeared in the Moscow Gosuslugi mobile application (for iOS and Android users), and in 2015 - in the EMIAS.INFO. It can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store and AppGallery

In December 2017, updated the Medical appointment fixing service. The service has changed its interface, three new functions have appeared: viewing valid and archived prescriptions, adding a doctor to the Favorites and scheduling a visit to the hospital marked in the calendar.

Photo by Maxim Mishin, Press Service of the Mayor and Moscow Government

In 2019, users of the portal got the opportunity to arrange an online appointment with a doctor for several children at the same time. And also another digital channel for online appointment booking was opened - the My Moscow mobile application. It is also available on Android-based devices, iOS and in AppGallery

Thanks to mobile applications and the website, patients can not only quickly select a convenient time for visiting a doctor, but also remotely reschedule and cancel appointments, view referrals, and much more.

Among the opportunities that have recently appeared in the service is an entry for vaccination against COVID-19. It is open for the next two weeks. You can choose a convenient day and time for the visit.

Besides, in addition to appointment scheduling, the Moscow Mayor's portal and the EMIAS.INFO mobile application offer the opportunity to use an electronic health record, where protocols of doctors' examinations, test results for COVID-19, laboratory and instrumental studies (CT, MRI, fluorography and others), hospitalization records and data of the child's vaccination card are available. In addition, information on valid prescriptions and ambulance calls is also available.


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