Contracts signed with private businesses on Supplier Portal up 30 percent

May 14, 2020
Economy and entrepreneurship

This year from January to March, 24,000 online contracts were signed on the portal with private individuals and sole proprietors.

“Over the past year, the volume of contracts signed by private individuals and sole proprietors on the portal has increased by 30 percent. The volume increased from 1.6 billion roubles in the first quarter of 2019 to 2.7 billion roubles as of now,” Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Yefimov pointed out.

Sole proprietors wishing to use the portal should register as a legal entity. Self-employed entrepreneurs operating as private individuals can register at the portal but will have to have an enhanced qualified electronic signature so that they can use it. All portal users can take part in the procurement process under federal laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ.

The portal offers support to sole proprietors and self-employed entrepreneurs plus an opportunity to develop their business during the lockdown.

Eduard Lysenko, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Information Technology Department, explained that the Supplier Portal offers private individuals and self-employed entrepreneurs the instruments and services for taking part in small volume procurement contracts.

“This is a way that businesses and sole proprietors can discover new opportunities and markets and also showcase their wares, as well as find new partners or products at acceptable prices during the lockdown. All this is available not only to Moscow businesses but also to companies in 34 other Russian regions,” Lysenko added.

According to Ivan Shcherbakov, Head of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy, sole proprietors and individuals working in the city have become serious rivals for larger companies on the construction and services markets.

“The largest number of contracts Moscow companies have signed is with individuals and sole proprietors for the supply of household goods, technical maintenance services and various design projects,” Shcherbakov added.

The Supplier Portal was launched in 2013 to automate small volume procurement and to increase the competitiveness of potential suppliers. It offers an opportunity to objectively assess the existing market offers and to analyse information about the fulfilment of obligations by suppliers. As of now, over 170,000 suppliers are using the website and this number is increasing by more than 100 every single day. The portal’s catalogue comprises over 500,000 unique goods plus work and services.


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