Contract for the Future. How medical equipment for hospitals is bought today

October 8

An approach to the purchase of medical equipment has changed dramatically In Moscow. Today, medical equipment in hospitals and polyclinics is purchased under life cycle contracts. They involve not only the supply of equipment, but also its maintenance throughout the entire life cycle. Everyone benefits from this approach, and first of all, Muscovites, who can undergo high-precision examinations both in local polyclinics and in hospitals. Which equipment is purchased under life cycle contracts and how has the level of assistance changed - read what medical workers told to the portal

What are Lifecycle Contracts?

Since the end of 2019, Moscow has started concluding life-cycle contracts in the healthcare. Their main difference from the standard public procurement is that the contract provides not only for the purchase of expensive equipment, but also for its lifetime maintenance by the supplier.

Such contracts are beneficial to everyone. The city receives high-tech equipment and a guarantee of its serviceability, since the supplier deals with the maintenance. While, manufacturers of medical equipment can load their capacities and receive a stable income during the entire term of the contract.

For the first time, the rolling stock of the metro and tram fleet was purchased under life cycle contracts in Moscow; then they turned to the purchase of electric buses, and now it’s time of medical equipment. In total, it is planned to purchase more than 5.5 thousand units of various equipment for hospitals and polyclinics. Over five thousand units have already been purchased.

Ultrasound machine and mammograph in the city polyclinic No. 22

Procurement program for medical equipment is designed until 2023, but many institutions have already received their share of equipment. In particular, the method was used to purchase equipment for all polyclinics that were opened after major repairs according to the new Moscow standard.

Thus, repairs were made in the branch No. 4 of the city polyclinic No. 22 according to the new Moscow standard and modern equipment was installed, in particular a digital mammograph. It gives a high-quality image that allows you to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage.


According to her, the unit software is convenient to work with. It allows one to process images and darken the necessary areas. It is easier that way for the doctor to describe an image.

All new equipment is connected to a single digital healthcare platform, which integrates AI algorithms for processing radiation imaging. Now diagnostics is much faster and the probability of errors is reduced. “Diagnostics with the use of such equipment should be available in a local polyclinic. Why should a patient go somewhere to have, say, a mammogram if there is a polyclinic near their home?” Olga Krylova added.

After installing the new equipment, doctors are trained by representatives of the manufacturer, who come to hospitals and explain the equipment operation procedures. If necessary, some specialists can always refer to a manual, as Tatiana Fedotovskikh, an ultrasound doctor at the same polyclinic, said. She has been working on a new ultrasound diagnostic unit since May 2021. The unit advantages include a large screen and high image quality.


 MRI at the Konchalovsky Hospital

Now the Konchalovsky City Clinical Hospital has two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. A new model purchased under life cycle contracts was delivered in December 2020. According to the doctors, the equipment has a good configuration. Not only standard studies can be performed with its help, but also advanced ones, for example, diagnostics of heart and vascular diseases or mammary gland tomography.

Even large patients can be examined with a new unit; besides, it has a larger tunnel diameter (70 cm compared to previous 60 cm). According to Boris Brodetsky, 10 centimeters make a big difference. In such a unit, many people are calmer, including patients with claustrophobia. Also, the comfort of patients is ensured by modern lighting and the ability to broadcast music indoors and into headphones.



Endoscopic Systems at the Veresaev Hospital

For almost a month and a half, the Veresaev City Clinical Hospital has been actively using eight new video endoscopic systems and a specialized ultrasound endoscopic unit, which were purchased under life cycle contracts. The units are multifunctional, as they can be used not only for endoscopic examinations. They are used for surgery at gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, including during emergency care.

The examination has moved to a qualitatively new level with the new equipment, said Oleg Primasyuk, head of the endoscopic department of the Veresaev City Clinical Hospital. The units show the tissue structure in detail with a wide viewing angle. One can see neoplasms with the help of new units, which were previously difficult to distinguish. This makes it possible to detect oncology cases at an early stage and provide timely assistance. In addition, the study now takes less time.


Endoscopic units excel not only with technical characteristics, but also their ergonomics. According to Oleg Primasyuk, the units have a friendly interface for doctors, which is localized to Russian in most cases.

“Of course, there is a noticeable difference compared to earlier models. It is still fundamental for patients that they can have photo and video recording. Data can be saved and compared with previous or subsequent studies. Then, of course, ultra-thin devices have appeared. This is the first time such equipment has been used in our hospital. This facilitates the tolerability of procedures, since they become more comfortable for patients,” he said.

 An angiograph at the Filatov Hospital No. 15.

A modern angiograph appeared in the Filatov City Clinical Hospital No. 15 at the beginning of 2021. In addition, the specialized operating room has been completely updated. Modern lighting and ventilation were installed there, as well as a climate control system, which is no less important for the doctors’ work.

An angiograph is used to help cardiovascular patients. A contrast agent is injected into a person, which allows visualizing the body vessels. They are displayed on the angiograph screen, so the doctor sees the problem area and can perform a surgery to restore the blood flow. The new device also provides twice less exposure to X-ray radiation, which is important for both medical personnel and patients.


The scope of assistance provided has already increased by 30 percent. About 100 diagnostics and 100 surgeries are performed monthly using only one device. In the future the numbers and quality will only grow.

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