Connecting more than 75% of city in-patient hospitals to a single digital healthcare platform

October 28

Connection of city hospitals to the UMIAS (Unified Medical Information and Analytical System) is underway. It is used by 49 in-patient hospitals now, which is more than 75 percent of their total number.

"As much as six Moscow in-patient hospitals were connected to the UMIAS within a month and a half. These are city clinical hospitals No. 13 and 52, Vinogradov Hospital No. 64, Filatov Children's Hospital, Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, and psychiatric Alekseev Hospital No. 1.  More than a thousand employees of these hospitals were trained to work in the system. Now doctors have access to electronic medical records of patients, they can fill the records with all prescriptions and results of examinations, monitor effectiveness of therapy. Thereby, continuity of treatment in inpatient and outpatient medical institutions is ensured and quality of medical care is improved at all stages — diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and observation," the press service of the Moscow's social development complex informed.

Thanks to access to the electronic medical record, patients can see doctors’ prescriptions , as well as discharge epicrisis reports from in-patient hospitals. Now citizens will not lose this important document and will not forget it when visiting a doctor, for example, when contacting private or federal institutions. After all, all medical information is at hand in the medical record on or in the application "UMIAS.INFO".

Connecting a hospital to the UMIAS is a complex process that requires updating network and hardware systems, installing modern server and software equipment, as well as training employees. The system is used both by doctors and technical medical staff, including nurses, registrars and laboratory employees.

Introduction of such solutions was advanced thanks to the single digital healthcare platform. It was developed by the Moscow's Social Development Complex and the Department of Information Technology. The platform provides a variety of services for doctors and patients simplifying their interaction and improving the quality of research and treatment.


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