Concerts, air shows and historical reenactments: Russia Day celebration in different years

June 16

Russia Day is celebrated annually on June 12. The Moscow Glavarchiv (Moscow Main Archive) has preserved evidence of how the holiday appeared and how it was celebrated in different years.

The main venue for festive celebrations in the capital is Red Square. Since the mid-1990s, a large concert was regularly held on Vasilyevsky Spusk, and the evening ended with a traditional salute.

Over time, the festive events in Moscow, timed to June 12, have become more outstanding. So, in 2003, in the sky over Red Square, a festive air show of the aerobatic teams Swifts and Russian Knights was organized. The following year, on this day, a military-historical parade of regions was held in the center of Moscow, which was attended by servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces and representatives of 89 regions of the country in national costumes.

In 2008, theater cannons were arranged in 20 rows on the main square of the capital. They set off fireworks made of confetti and paper streamers. And on June 12, 2010, a music show took place on a huge stage on Red Square.

In 2013, all 12 administrative districts of Moscow took part in the event called Parade of Districts - a theatrical costume procession through the central part of the city. About two thousand people, including theater artists, participants of military-historical clubs, students of the capital's universities showed the audience reenactment of key events in the history of Russia - from the calling of the Varangians for reigning to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

An outstanding celebration of the Day of Russia took place on June 12, 2015. Then, 220 festive events were held in the capital, which was attended by 450 thousand people. Most of the concerts, relay races, competitions and contests were held in the public parks. For example, the Motherland festival of new Russian music was held in the Muzeon Art Park, and the Moscow International Festival of Contemporary Literature was opened in Sokolniki park.

The Day of Russia in 2016 turned out to be musical. Then, the Tsaritsyno Open-Air Museum prepared a 10-hour gala concert with the participation of various groups. In Gorky Park, the State Brass Band of Russia performed a six-hour concert, thus setting a Russian record for the longest performance. The program includes marches, waltzes, songs and music from popular movies. And in the Kolomenskoye Open-Air Museum there was a Times and Epochs ethnic festival. Its culmination was an outstanding reenactments of the Battle of Thousand Swords - it brought together Vikings, Ruthenians and steppe dwellers.

In 2020, a festive concert was held on the Red Square, the audience of which was volunteers who worked during the period of restrictive measures. For the rest of the audience, an online broadcast was organized.

Russia Day is one of the youngest holidays in the country. Until 2002, it was called the Day when the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia was adopted. The document was signed on June 12, 1990. Since 1992, the holiday has been celebrated annually, and in 1994 it was declared as a public holiday.

On this day, according to the established tradition, the President of the Russian Federation presents state awards. They are awarded for their contribution to the development of science and technology, literature and art, for outstanding production results and achievements in humanitarian activities.


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