Commemorate your wedding: Newlyweds Garden to grow at the VDNKh

September 22, 2019
Family and youth policy

This year, chief exhibition of Russia both receives congratulations on the occasion of its 80th anniversary, and presents gifts to those who have decided to tie the knot here. Every eightieth couple, who married in the Wedding Palace at the VDNKh, is granted its own family tree, a cherry seedling to plant in the Newlyweds Garden. In the coming years, the garden will turn into a cherry grove to offer one of the most romantic sites both for the exhibition and the whole Moscow.

Newlyweds Garden appeared at the VDNKh on 25 May 2019, when newlyweds planted the first cherry seedlings next to the Pavilion No. 46. The trees have obviously grown and become stronger, as they are easy to distinguish from their new, very young 'neighbours',  which are just taking root at VDNKh.

On 14 September, the second planting of trees in the Newlyweds Garden took place at the VDNKh. The ceremony to be remembered by married couples for a long time was accompanied  by classical music: a string trio performed while new cherry trees had been planted.

The wedding of Artyom and Yelizaveta Popov took place on the VDNKh's anniversary, 1 August. They decided to plant their family tree after their honeymoon.

"This is a very happy day. And important one, too, as it is important for our would-be children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We were thinking about it today. The gift from VDNKh was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Actually, we wanted to buy a tree and plant it on our wedding day, but it turned out that we would have it as a gift. We have decided to get married here, at the exhibition, because it is so comfortable here, it feels like home, and it is a very beautiful home. In recent years, there have been many more visitors to come and spend leisure time here, including us," said Yelizaveta.

Anna and Andrei Motrenko have also decided to participate in the ceremony after the honeymoon. Andrei proposed to his beloved one in Venice. To register their marriage, they have chosen the Wedding Palace at the VDNKh, since for Anna, who has lived for many years next to the exhibition, this location means a lot.

''To date, the exhibition has changed beyond recognition. Even compared to the VDNKh as it was five years ago, it is completely different now, with its plenty of recreation and walking areas. Grounds near ponds are just incredibly beautiful after the renovation. Now the pond with the Golden Spike fountain is perhaps my favourite place at VDNKh," she said.

For Anton and Anna Belokon, their wedding day coincided with the day of the Newlyweds Garden planting. They went here straight from the registry office along with their wedding guests.

"We just got married today.  And we did not expect to be invited to such a grand event. We are glad that this is happening on such a significant day, the day of our marriage. It is really inspiring! From now on, walking through the VDNKh, we will drop in the Newlyweds Garden to have a look at our growing tree. We live nearby and love this place very much. After its grounds upgrade, many fell in love with the embankment, a recreation area near ponds and the Golden Spike fountain,'' Anton and Anna told us.

Moscow Longevity program participants have prepared a heart-warming surprise for the newlyweds. Moscow old-timers engaged in ballroom dancing with professional teachers within this project, dedicated to young couples the most romantic couple dance, that is waltz, with the newlyweds joining in the dance, too.

Newlyweds Garden at VDNKh is to be expanded and improved, with more than 80 black cherry and bird cherry trees planted here, and ring-shaped landscape compositions arranged around. Even now, walking through the garden, you can learn about it would-be look, as well as about the families who have laid out the cherry grove, at special information signs with QR-codes.

According to Natalya Sharpar, Head of the VDNKh's Wedding Palace, local registry office is very popular among Moscow newlyweds: since the beginning of 2019, it has registered over 2,000 marriages.

Not only young families who have married at the VDNKh are allowed to contribute to the Moscow's vegetation by planting a family tree on the city's grounds. Parents with children born this year may enjoy this opportunity, too. As part of 'Our Tree' program, parents are free to choose a park, a site and a tree species they would like to plant in honour of their newborn child. Apply at the project's website. In 2020, families participating in 'Our Tree" program will be able to plant 25,000 seedlings in 25 parks.


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