Comfortable communication: metro ticket offices test devices to help hearing-impaired passengers

October 25, 2019

It will be easier now for hearing-impaired passengers to communicate with the Moscow metro ticket-office clerks. The ticket office at Komsomolskaya station (the lobby of Koltsevaya and Sokolnicheskaya lines) has now the inductive coupling equipment installed on a pilot basis.

To hear a metro employee better, a passenger needs to put his or her hearing aid in the ‘T’ mode. The device suppresses extraneous noise and transmits only the interlocutor's speech.

'Metro lobbies are quite noisy because of the large crowds. In addition, the glass window of the ticket offices hampers communication. Thanks to the new device, which appeared in the ticket office of Komsomolskaya line, hearing-impaired people will be able to hear clearly, as if talking to the ticket office clerk on the phone. The ticket office is has a special sticker, a crossed ear, and the letter T (hearing aid mode),' said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The pilot project will run for a month. If the new service becomes popular among passengers, the inductive coupling equipment to communicate with hearing-impaired people will appear in ticket offices at other metro stations.

In August, Moscow metro also opened a hot SMS line for hearing-impaired passengers. Dial +7 (926) 250-47-80 to contact the operators. You will find the number on stickers on emergency call columns on station platforms, in lifts and on Live Chat information desks in lobbies. The stickers read: 'Get Help by SMS'. Metro employees will promptly respond to your SMS request. They will tell how the metro works, how to get to the required station or attractions, and call an officer on duty in case of emergency.

Besides, hearing-impaired passengers can contact the Passenger Mobility Centre of the Moscow metro. The Centre's inspectors help Muscovites and Moscow guests navigate the metro and MCC stations, accompany passengers throughout the trip. They also accompany people to long-distance and suburban trains, Aeroexpress trains, bus stations, museums, cultural centres and social institutions.


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