Comfortable and inexpensive: the transportation service "On the way" launched in Moscow

October 5

The on-demand transportation service "On the way" was launched for the Muscovites October 1. Using it, a passenger can order the bus to arrive at the stop where it is exactly needed. This is practically a taxi, but the trip cost is just 46 rubles. The service is now available only to residents of several TiNAO settlements: Sosensky, Desenovsky, Voskresensky and Filimonkovsky.

They can select the required stops via the mobile application "Moscow Transport". Thirty new comfortable buses will run the routes as part of the "On the way service". So far shuttles will make round trips to "Prokshino” metro station. But more routes will be added over time.

“On behalf of the Mayor, we are improving the transport accessibility of TiNAO. Starting October 1 the "On the way" transportation service was launched followed by successful testing. Travel to the metro and back will become easier and faster for nearly 90 thousand residents of the four District settlements. We expect the service to be popular. The testing alone saw more than three thousand trips made by its participants,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Transport.

The service is very easy to use. You download the mobile application "Moscow Transport" or update it, select the service "On the way", then mark the point in its coverage area where you plan to start your trip from. The app will advise the nearest stop to come to. Then, you specify the destination.

The average waiting time for a bus is 10–20 minutes. Once on the stop the bus will wait for passengers no more than two minutes, and then continue the run along the route. To confirm boarding the bus, passengers scan QR code.

"On the way" is the first and only on-demand transportation service not only in Moscow, but across Russia too. TiNAO residents can order a comfortable bus that will arrive close to their homes. In fact, this is “a door-to-door” transport. Comfortable and modern buses are equipped with seats with seat belts, USB connectors for charging gadgets, climate control, and a TV.

Buses will circulate daily from 05:30 to 23:00 between the Prokshino metro station and TiNAO settlements. The trip cost is several times lower that a taxi fare — 46 rubles. The trip can be paid by a bank card.


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