Combatting the coronavirus: Restrictions in Moscow extended until 31 May

May 8
Safety and security

Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog that, starting 12 May, Moscow will begin the first phase of lifting restrictions and returning to normal life.

Industrial and construction companies may resume their operations. Construction of roads, schools, kindergartens and other necessary facilities will resume. Work at companies and construction sites must resume under the strict guidelines of the epidemiologic plan, the mayor stressed.

“These activities are less risky at this point. Unlike those who work in retail and in the services sector, builders and industrial site workers have minimal contact with consumers. It is much easier to organise the necessary sanitary and epidemiologic conditions in a relatively closed space like a construction site or a manufacturing plant than in public,” Sergei Sobyanin explained.

Only those who are necessary at workshops, offices and for the technical work at construction sites will be able to return to their workplaces. Everyone who can work online should still stay home.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, pet shops, delivery services, telecom stores and stores that sell the basic necessities will stay open as usual. In addition, non-permanent retail facilities in the Moscow Metro will be open. It will be possible to purchase personal protective gear (gloves, masks and respirators) there.

Starting 12 May, people will be required to wear masks, respirators or other protective gear for breathing organs, and also gloves, in shops, trading centres and in all types of public transport and in taxis. A distance of at least 1.5 metres must be observed in public spaces.

“Many Muscovites have been using masks and gloves for several weeks, and I thank them very much for this. Some might consider this another unpleasant restriction, but it is not true in the long run. In requiring the use of protective gear we are not imposing additional restrictions. On the contrary, we are taking a big step towards restoring normal life,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

According to Mr Sobyanin, when businesses and construction sites open, the load on public transport will increase and it will become more difficult to observe social distancing.

Screening studies of workers in various segments of the economy have showed that it is quite possible to pass the infection in retail shops, the Mayor added.

On 18–31 May, remote education for first to eighth graders and tenth graders will be held in flexible attendance mode (consultations) in order to review and revise studies. There will be no marks or homework. Annual marks for 2019/2020 will be given before 15 May. Ninth and eleventh graders will continue to study remotely until the end of May. The format and deadlines for exams will be announced separately. Small duty groups in elementary schools will remain open until 31 May.

Unused public transport tickets can be extended and adjusted after 31 May. Tickets will be accepted for exchange, provided that no more than 15 trips were made between 30 March and 31 May.

“It is very important to observe self-isolation rules during the remaining holidays and get used to the idea that protective masks and gloves are necessary. The more successful the first phase of lifting the restrictions is, the higher the chances that we will be able to move to the second and final stages soon. And the more strictly we comply with these requirements and the more we protect and take care of each other, the more opportunities we will have to organise normal city life even with long-term restrictions,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote.

Digital permits for trips to the office that expire on 11 May will remain in effect through 31 May. No additional passport data, telephone numbers, emails or other information is required, except cases when the information has changed and must be updated.

The procedure for digital permits for single trips remains the same. They can be issued twice a week, or daily for travel to medical institutions and for volunteer work.

Personal or company vehicle use, not included on the registered list, is not allowed in Moscow. Violators can be subject to administrative liability. The list of permitted vehicles can be found online

All Muscovites regardless of age must stay home. Only those who require urgent medical care or who are under threat to their lives and health can go out for help. People are also allowed to go to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy, walk their dog (no more than 100 metres from home), take out the rubbish or go to work (for those who are required at work).

Entertainment facilities, beauty salons, fitness centres, cafes and restaurants will be closed in the city until 31 May. Sport, entertainment and other public events are prohibited.

Learn more about prevention of the coronavirus and ways to combat it at the hotline: +7 495 870 4509 (every day from 8 am to 9 pm) or at the special project page on

The Executive Order of the Moscow Mayor On amending the executive order of the Moscow Mayor No. 12-UM dated 5 March 2020 (in Russian) 

The Executive Order of the Moscow Mayor On amending the executive orders of the Moscow Mayor No. 40-UM dated 4 April 2020 and No. 43-UM dated 11 April 2020 (in Russian) 


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